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Calculating fuel consumption in mixed fleets

by andrewfleury on Jan 13, 2014 11:28:36 AM

Driving context when considering fuel consumption.

At Transpoco daily we are getting stuck into fuel consumption the need for context and understanding are important. For some fleets we analyse, it is easy, they have got a fleet of all the same vehicles and they all do similar work. In other places it is not so easy, a range of vehicles doing different jobs. Here are a summary of the challenges we see on a daily basis for fleet managers with mixed work/mixed fleets:

  • - Different vehicle types

  • - Different route types

  • - Big variation in load weights



In these scenarios we need to help the customer understand the connection between driving style/behaviour and fuel consumption.

Once we understand this connection and introduce the performance of similar make and model vehicles we can start to understand performance and set targets.

Let’s work through a practical example:

Customer situation

We have a customer with 10 vehicles including large vans, small vans and cars. Some of the vans occasionally have to pull a heavy trailer carrying additional equipment and there is no easy way to record when the a vehicle will have this trailer….

How to proceed

Ok, for the vans we can rule out a ranking based only on fuel consumption. We don’t have visibility on when the trailer is being pulled. We can establish from the customers that the trailers they have are constantly in use, so we can apply some smoothing of data over time.

The way to proceed in this case is to look at fuel consumption for the group of vans, we can assess what they are burning as a whole. For this group we now need to focus on performance indicators rather than an actual fuel consumption number. So we will set targets based on acceleration, braking, speed versus posted speed limit.

If we look at fuel consumption averaged across the fleet and take distance covered into consideration we should work towards a total fuel consumption reduction.

Drivers will not be focused on their mpg/L/100km figures, just their driving performance.

Are you confused on your fuel consumption? Or even pre-confused (you don’t actually have any data). If so give us a call.

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Nifti Transpoco - New Bus Launch

by andrewfleury on Jul 19, 2013 11:32:53 AM

Not only did Nifti invite us to the launch, they put our logo on the bus, this was a great surprise. Thanks guys!

On Friday the 12th of July I attended the launch of Nifti Transports new bus.

Nifti have been a transpoco customer for a couple of years and we have worked well with them to generate some really good fuel savings and service improvements based on the data we are capturing from their buses.

The bus launch was an impressive event attended by numerous local politicians, them insisted for health James Reilly and lots and lots of local interest groups.nifti-transport

Overall there was probably in excess of 70 or 80 people at the event, which shows the enthusiasm and level of support for the service on North County Dublin.

Eric Bentley is the general manager of the service and he outlined the work they are doing for local groups, isolated individuals, and charities in the fingal area. He spoke about the challenges of meeting the demand for service and matching it with the budget restrictions. Some of their initiatives like the Beaumount bus service provides a way for sick people without transport to get from isolated areas to Beaumount. Without Nifit they are struggling with taxi fees, or a mixture of lifts, public transport and walking(a serious challenge for many people needing medical care).

To run these services, Nifti need support and it is great to see the national lottery supporting the purchase of the new bus.

Transpoco plan to further support Nifti by helping them to build a public interface to show real time bus locations and passenger information. Watch this space for developments here.

Please do visit the Nifti website to learn more about what they do and the difference they make in the community.

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