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Account Management

Account management is an additional service that offers extra support to our clients.

Account Management :

Our Account Management Programme is an additional service that offers extra support to clients to optimize their fleet management in key areas such as reducing costs and improving vehicle safety. Our team of specialists analyze your fleets’ data and deliver a detailed monthly report on components such as but not limited to:

Note: The images below are just illustrative.


  • Units Down:
Our Team will monitor and arrange any unit fixes you may need freeing your time up and ensuring you get the most from our services.


  • Driver Id usage:

Our Team will monitor your drivers’ fob usage and message drivers with your consent in order to increase your visibility on drivers’ operations and proof of location.


  • Fuel consumption:

Our team will analyse each fuel purchase with unmatched GPS locations and provide you a full report with potential issues from your fleet fuel consumption.


  • Utilization:

Our Team will monitor and help you reduce your costs on journeys made outside of working hours and during weekends. Our customers have achieved big savings here.


  • Walkaround check compliance:

Our Team will analyse each vehicle group you may have and provide you with regular reports highlighting how many times each of your vehicles was driven without a check done and can notify drivers (with your consent) to remind them to do the checks before driving.


  • Drivers Behaviour:

Our Team can notify drivers (with your consent) about their speeding over-limit and other faults helping you to improve safety, reduce fines and accidents, and reduce your costs on vehicle maintenance.


  • Anonymous Benchmark:

Our Team will check your safety health on a regular basis comparing your fleet with other Transpoco fleets and providing you an anonymous ranking.


  • Bespoke Analysis:

We are also able to tailor our analysis specifically for your needs based on your fleet or internal processes. 


  • We can arrange a consultation meeting upon request to unpack the data, answer any queries you may have and give further recommendations to help you have a more efficient fleet moving forward.


If you're interested, please contact our Sales Team on:

ROI/UK: +353 (01) 536 7120