API resources

API resources are to assist your IT/systems department to automate the connection between SynX and your internal systems.

API documentation

These documents provide information on the available endpoints and how to call them.

  • Click on API Documentation under ‘API Resources’ in the drop-down menu.

The list of API documentation opens.

The documentation is grouped under different modules.

  • Click on the folders to view the APIs.

  • Click on the API that you wish to view. 

Note: If you have Postman for Chrome or Postman for Windows, you can access the API in either of those by clicking on Run in Postman.

  • To return to SynX, click on the back arrow in your browser.


Request API access

  • Click on Request API Access under ‘API Resources’ in the drop-down menu.

A Google Form will open.

  • Complete all the sections of the form.
  • Click on Submit.