How can I check the details of my fuel transactions?

You can check each detail from a particular fuel transaction done

1. Click on Services

2. Click on Fuel Transactions under Fuel menu option

3. You can select the period, vehicle group and/or vehicle to filter the fuel transactions report


4. You will see every detail from your purchases done during the period selected. E.g.: number of litres, price per litre and total price.

Note: Here is the list of attributes you can extract and filter from your transactions

* Purchase Time

* Account Number

* Provider

* Card Number

* Same Day Purchase (yes/no)

* Card Description

* Vehicle Declared

* Vehicle Assigned

* Mileage Declared

* Odometer (Km or Mi - according to your user's preference)

* Product (Diesel, Petrol, Car wash (Leaseplan only), Adblue (Leaseplan only))

* Litres

* Price per Litre

* Total Price

* Station Name

* Station Address

* Registration Status

* GPS Status

* Visibility (Visible or Hidden)