Transpoco Locate: How do I create a Last Location Report?

See your vehicles in real-time on the map and in a report in SynX Locate.

This report differs from the others as it is capturing real-time information so the dates cannot be changed.

Ensure you are in Live Map view.

Home Page

  1. Select the Vehicle(s).
  2. Select ‘Last Location’ from the Report drop-down list.
  3. Select Reports from the header menu and the real-time data will appear in a table.

Last Location Table

The standard information contained in this report is:

  • Vehicle: Vehicle name/number
  • Date/Time: Time of last update
  • Location: Location at last update
  • Speed: Speed at last update
  • Engine: Engine current status, On/Off
  • GPS Odometer: GPS-based mileage counter at last update
  • GPS Signal: Indication of current GPS signal strength
  • GSM Signal: Indication of current GSM signal strength