Walkaround Checks: How do I export the weekly checklists from the Walkaround dashboard?

The checks in Weekly View can be exported to spreadsheet programs, either emailed to recipients or downloaded locally.

To export the data as .csv or .xls format, click on the blue Export icon above the far right column in the reports.

Select the File Format from the drop-down list – either CSV or EXCEL.

Download file

To download the file onto your system, select ‘Download File’ in the Expert Option

Click the blue Download button.

Export weekly view - download

Email file

To email the file to recipients, select ‘Send file by email’ in the Expert Option

Click in the Send the export to box (or on down arrow) and select a recipient from the list. Repeat to add more recipients.

Export weekly view - email

Press the blue Send Email button.

After SynX has sent the file, a pop up confirmation appears in the bottom left of the screen.

Email file sent

Open the email.


Click on the black Download link in the email.

Save the file in the required location.