Walkaround Checks: How do I filter or search the data in the dashboard weekly view?

How to filter the results by column or by performing a custom search.

Filtering results

The results can be filtered by Weekly view and List of checks, or custom using the free text search field.

List of Checks Tab

Filter by Status so the results only show those with a defect or only those No defect (Note: Default is ‘All Status’) by clicking on the down arrow to the right of ‘Status’.

Note:  The green thumbs up represents checklist done with No defects.

            The red thumbs down represents checklist done with Defects.     

You can also export the results that you have selected by clicking on the "Download Table (.CSV)" option highlighted above.

Search results

Filter by custom search by typing in the search box, and the system will search for the word(s) in all of the fields, e.g. Additional Comments, or Time. Note: The results will filter as you type.