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Walkaround Module Video Demonstration

Video demonstration includes the overall introduction of the Walkaround Module on Transpoco Synx account.

Watch the full Video below: 

In Transpoco Synx > Services > Walkaround: 

  • You can view the Walkaround checks report by weekly views or by list of checks.
  • You can filter the report by vehicle groups or specific vehicles.
  • You can view previous weekly reports.
  • You can view the report only with defects or without defects.
  • You can view the report through custom search by typing in the search box.
    • e.g.: search for all answers to a specific question
  • You can download custom reports in CSV/Excel format or via emails. 
  • You can add, edit and delete alerts regarding the Walkaround checks. 
    • Alerts can be triggered when a defect is reported and/or when the vehicle was driven without checking submission.
  • You can create a service into the Maintenance module from a defect reported.
  • You can see photos that were attached to a defect reported.
  • You can find the Manual link with more details on each functionality.

Note: You can also ask to our Support Team on support@transpoco.com to customise your checklists with the questions and answers you need.