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Having a proper strategy for fleet risk assessment is mandatory in order to run a safe fleet, protect road users and save on costs.

But too many company still do not have proper processes in place for assessing fleet risks or do not consider safety a priority.

Start creating a fleet risk assessment process with the tips of our free video How to effectively manage risks in driving-for-work activities!

This free video will help you in:

tip2understanding what the legal requirements for fleets are
tip1learning how to run a fully compliant fleet
tip2being informed on the costs of not implementing a fleet safety strategy
tip3getting started with risk assessment
tip3learning how technology can help

and much more...

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Fill in the form and get our free video How to effectively manage risks in driving-for-work activities and its slides and start assessing fleet risks today!

The video is a recording of one of our webinars. In the webinar Andrew Fleury (CEO, Transpoco) and Deirdre Sinnott Mc Feat (Policy Lead and Work Related Vehicle Risk Management specialist for the Health and Safety Authority of Ireland) discussed on risk management in driving-for-work activities.

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