How to set-up walkaround checks

In this article we will provide you with a step by step guide to help you to introduce walkaround checks within your organisation.

Step 1 - Create your walkaround checklists

We provide 2 default walkaround checklists to help you to get started:

  • HGV checklist
  • LCV checklist.

You can create customised checklists using our checklist builder.  We have created this video to demonstrate the process. You can create as many checklists as you want.


Step 2-  Providing a driver with access to the Transpoco Driver app


Step 3 - Provide Walkaround checks explainer video to Drivers

We created the video below to help explain the walkaround process to your drivers. We suggest you share the link with your drivers.

Next, we suggest you ask your drivers to download the Transpoco Driver App before you provide them with user access. 

Click here for the link to download the Transpoco Driver App from iTunes (Apple iPhones)

Click here for the link to download the Transpoco Driver app from Google Play Store (Android Phones).

Please share the links with your drivers to allow them to download the app. Alternatively, request your drivers to search for 'Trabspoco Driver App'  in the iTunes and the Play Store.

Step 4 - Create an alert for defects reported reported in checklists


Step 5- Create an alert for driving without submitting a checklist


Step 6 - How to action a defect reported in a walkaround checklist


We have created a separate step by step article for the Maintain module, click here to view it. In the article we demonstrate how you can add garages and services types. 

Step 7 - How to automate the creation of services for defects


If you have any questions or problems following the steps in this process you can contact the team in Transpoco for help. You can email us at