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Are you spending more on fuel than you need to? Do you need to know how much you spent on maintenance for your vehicles and why? Are you buried under a mountain of bills and need to make important decisions quickly? Is fleet paperwork taking a lot of time and not giving you the answers you need?

SynX provides you those answers. They are just one click away!

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Want to have an efficient fleet...
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We know fleet managers are constantly under time and budget constraints and dealing with innumerable responsibilities: fuel, vehicles, drivers, safety, emissions, maintenance... That is why we have developed SYNX - we can provide you with all the data you need in a unique tool so all you are left with is precious time you can invest in generating profit and growing your business!


What is SynX by Transpoco?


Transpoco has been driving better business for a decade. Our knowledge of customers’needs led to the creation of an even more comprehensive system: SYNX. Not simple GPS tracking, not just immediate savings for customers, not only 24/7 realtime access to reports, but mostly a complete fleet management solution, fast and easy to use.

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How does SynX work?


We look at every single aspect involved in your fleet activity, from fuel to maintenance. That way we know where your money is going, where it has been wasted and what you can do to improve things. The integration of fuel data with drivers’behaviour and location gives you complete insights on safety, vehicles and drivers'performance, disclosing opportunities for your company to grow. All the information is delivered through the web or the mobile app, simple, isn't it?


Do you know how much money is wasted in the average fleet?

From working with hundreds and hundreds of fleets, ranging from just a few vehicles up to more than 1000 vehicles, we have discovered some interesting information. If we took a standard fleet of 10 vehicles of a similar type we would see the following:

step-synx-green  Before we do anything, there is at least a 20% difference in fuel consumption between the best and worst driver
step-synx-yellow  The difference in maintenance costs between your best and worst driver is on average 35%
step3-synx-blue  An “average” driver will break the speed limit 21 more times in a 100 km journey. If that driver becomes a “good” one (breaking the speed limit 5 times per 100km) you will achieve significant savings in fleet costs and improve on safety
step-synx-dark blue  66% of harsh braking (dangerous driving) events occur at roundabouts
“ As far as I am concerned, this is the only way to manage the fleet within a bigger organisation. We have concerns that GPS tracking is underused in the various departments in the council, and this sort of visibility gives us a platform to ensure the fleet is being managed correctly.
The way SynX uses our fuel card data and gives us the information we need in a one page report is the evolution of GPS tracking.
John Williams, Transportation Senior Engineer, Fingal County Council


How to reach the driving synchronicity in just a few steps

step-synx-green  SynX equipment is installed in the vehicle
step-synx-yellow  Fuel data is integrated with driving behaviour, location, and maintenance data
step3-synx-blue  We set fuel targets based on the vehicle type, the loads it carries and the roads travelled
step-synx-dark blue  We let the vehicles drive normally for a 3 weeks to get enough data to see a pattern of who are the best and worst performers in your fleet
step-synx-green  The drivers are ranked in a league table based on the performance against the target we set
step-synx-yellow  Drivers become aware of how their driving impacts on fuel consumption and safety: we give the right tips for them to improve and be more efficient.
step-synx-blue  The whole data makes your business more aware of fleet performance and costs and discloses opportunities for development
step-synx-dark blue  Improvement is ongoing! In a short period of time you will notice significant growth within your fleet
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What Customers Are Saying


“With SynX we were able to identify savings of over 20% in fuel alone, that translates into €10,000 per year.” - Bill O'Mara, Kish Fish


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