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Fleet Safety

Looking to protect your workforce? Transpoco has been a leading provider of fleet management solutions since 2004 - we’d love to help you keep your vehicles and drivers safe.

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Road Accident Statistics

As the volume of traffic on the roads increases from year to year, the number of traffic accidents and, unfortunately, the number of fatalities inevitably increases as well. According to research by the World Health Organisation, by 2020, approximately 1.35 million people will die each year as a result of traffic accidents, raising major concerns about the safety of professional drivers.

But what proportion of road accidents are preventable? It might even be more than you think. Let us examine some of the most common risk factors...


Risk Factors for Road Traffic Accidents

There are a number of factors that can increase the likelihood of a road traffic accident, all of which need to be addressed to prevent fatal accidents and reduce serious injuries.

The most common risk factors today include:

  • Speeding - Higher average speeds are directly related to the likelihood of a crash and the severity of the consequences. Statistics show that for every 1% increase in average speed, the risk of fatal crash increases by 4% and the risk of a serious crash
  • Distracted Driving - These days, there are many types of distractions that can lead to unsafe driving, such as adjusting the radio or GPS devices, smoking, eating, drinking, and of course, mobile phones. In fact, drivers who use mobile phones are about 4 times more likely to be involved in an accident. Not only does this slow down reaction time when it comes to an accident, but it can also make it difficult to stay in the right lane and maintain a proper distance from other vehicles.
  • Unsafe Vehicles - Vehicle maintenance is critical to preventing accidents and reducing the likelihood of sustaining serious injuries. Vehicles in a commercial fleet should meet recommended regulations for front and side impacts, have electronic stability control and ensure that airbags and seat belts are properly installed.

Vehicle Safety Technology

You may be wondering what you can do to avoid these risk factors in your fleet and protect your workforce. Sure, you can evaluate dashcam footage and educate your drivers, but we know from years of experience that this is too little, too late.

So what about fleet management solutions? What role does technology play in preventing road accidents?

Immediate AI Data

Some softwares, such as Transpoco Protect, offer both front and driver-facing footage, which is available for immediate review after an incident. You can see accurate data on speed and G-forces, as well as the exact vehicle involved and video footage of the incident.

In-cab Warnings

With the ability to detect incidents on the road, including speeding, lane departure and tailgating, as well as distracted driving behaviours such as eating, drinking or fatigue, new technologies can improve road safety by providing your drivers with intelligent in-cab warnings so you can proactively prevent accidents before it's too late.


Coach your drivers

With a range of reports on everything from distracted driving incidents to average driving time, as well as footage of all incidents, you can use technology to coach your drivers to minimise risk factors. With a trained workforce that understands the consequences of distracted driving, you can maintain a safe and efficient fleet.

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Distracted Driving Cost

So why should the safety of your fleet be your top priority? Your drivers are vital to the present and future of your business. If you do not take care of them, you can not move your business forward! They may be forced to stop work after a road accident if they have been injured - and it's also highly likely that your vehicles will need extensive repairs.

All of this can be very expensive for your business. Did you know that even minor road traffic accidents cost UK businesses an average of £25,000? In fact, fines for distracted driving have been shown to increase the cost of insurance premiums by at least 20%. Along with damaging your company's reputation and potentially losing the opportunity to work with new clients, this can have a detrimental effect on your business growth.

Take a look at our distracted driving infographic to learn more about the true cost to your business. Click below to download your copy.


Safety Tips for Drivers

Are you concerned about how to prevent distracted driving? Here are some of our best safety tips for your drivers.

  • Drive smoothly and avoid sudden movements that could cause you to lose control of your vehicle.
  • Prevent and anticipate events by constantly paying attention to the road.
  • Always fasten your seatbelt.
  • Reduce speed when turning or cornering.
  • Pay attention to the weather and reduce your speed in adverse conditions.

With Transpoco, you can manage your fleet

You can track payments, performance, payments, fuel usage, inspections, certifications, maintenance details, inspections, registration information- practically anything you can think of. It's convenient and simple to use!


Easy to use

Thanks to the quick installation and intuitive user interface, you can effectively manage your fleet from the start - whether you have a small fleet or a large company.

ISO27001 certified

With robust processes in place to ensure your data is kept secure and only used for its intended purpose, you can rest assured that your drivers' data privacy rights are protected.

Detailed, customisable insights

Set customisable alerts and get insights into driver behaviour. This allows you to highlight issues that are important to you and report on data that meets your needs.

Fleet Safety Strategy

It can be difficult to develop a fleet safety strategy that not only protects your drivers and vehicles, but also the safety of other road users. Road safety technologies like Transpoco Protect can help you identify gaps in your overall strategy - but there are also some things you can do to highlight your safety concerns and raise awareness of their importance.


Our Top Tips

So what steps would we recommend to creating a fleet safety strategy and bringing it to success?

  • Create a specific fleet safety policy that is properly promoted and shared by all.
  • Include training as an essential part of this policy - not just in the classroom, but behind the wheel, at meetings, demonstrations and more.
  • Encourage communication on every safety topic - even if it's just to remind people of the importance of wearing their seat belts.
  • Recognise and reward drivers with an exemplary safety record.
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From speed monitoring to fatigue management, you can be sure your drivers are safe and reliable on the road - and save money in the long run.

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The Importance of Data

In today's fast-paced society, it's imperative to make the right decisions regarding the safety of your fleet - and make them quickly. With a complete fleet management system like Transpoco Protect, the insights you need are just a click away.


Operate a safe and successful fleet with data-driven insights

Let’s take a look at how accurate, real-time data about your entire fleet can help you keep your entire workforce safe.

  • Reliable data can make your fleet safer by monitoring driver fatigue, dangerous driving, idling events, and vehicle misuse. This allows fleet managers to identify trends or patterns where drivers may need additional coaching to improve fleet safety.
  • Address problems, such as bad driving style habits, before they become a bigger problem. An alert system, like the one offered by a fleet management solution, can help nip problems in the bud before they become serious risks to your business.
  • With comprehensive data on vehicle usage and safety, you'll gain valuable insights you need to plan for the future - including choosing the right vehicle for your fleet to keep it safe without wasting money.

6 Fleet Safety Mistakes to Avoid

Want to learn more about our critical fleet safety mistakes and how to avoid them?
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