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Our connected dash camera system: an extra eye on the road

SynX Vision is the brand new connected dash cam platform designed by Transpoco to help you clarify what happens in case of an accident, resolve disputes related to road incidents and coach your drivers towards better driving.

Protect your business with SynX Vision: get real-time accident or near-miss footage, support your drivers in disputes and train them towards safer, more efficient driving and enjoy the benefits of faster resolutions.

Get the most out of your connected dash camera: download video evidence, check out snapshots or set up instant alerts combined with real-time footage. Because two eyes are better than one!

Get started with SynX Vision: schedule a free demo of our connected dash camera platform today.

  • tip1Reliable connected camera
  • tip2Download video or snapshots
  • tip1Remote footage access
  • tip2Real time alerts + video
  • tip1Data security
  • tip2Customisable notifications

See how it works

Watch the video to see SynX Vision in action!

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SynX Vision demo

What can I get from a connected dash camera platform like SynX Vision?


solution-icon1. A reliable connected camera 24/7/365

item 1  Professional dashboard camera feeding the SynX Vision platform with footage and snapshots.

item 2  Remote access to the connected dash camera platform and to the footage at any time.

item 3  Data, footage and images protected by best-in-class data security technology guaranteed by Transpoco.

Connected dash camera




Alert2. Customisable alerts combined with footage

step-synx-green In the event of an incident or a dangerous driving event, a serie of snapshot images is taken around it. Check them or download the full video. Video footage is also available remotely and is safely stored in the cloud.


Drivers3. Coach your team!


step-synx-green Protect your drivers: train them towards safe driving with real-life videos and get also as they will have evidence to support them in accidents for which they may not have been not at fault





Connected dash camera

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