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Transpoco Vision

Stay safe with our dash cams, advanced driver safety and real-time alerts


Our connected Dash Camera System helps record unexpected incidents, provides key evidence and safety alerts

The safety of your drivers is always your top priority. That's why Transpoco Vision has developed a brand new connected dashcam platform to help you and your team if the worst happens. Transpoco Vision helps you clarify how the accident happened, settle disputes related to traffic accidents, and train your drivers to be safer and more mindful.

Access real-time footage of accidents or near misses to help your drivers resolve disputes and protect your business by promoting a culture of safe drivers and quick dispute resolution. State-of-the-art dashcam connectivity allows you to download video evidence, review snapshots, or set up instant alerts in addition to real-time recordings. Our Transpoco Vision dash cams come with a range of features:

A reliable, connected camera

Downloadable video and snapshots

Remote access to footage

Real-time alerts and video access

Reliable data security system

Customizable notifications

Take the next step by promoting a culture of safe drivers – explore some of our Transpoco Vision package features and contact us today to schedule a free demo

A reliable, connected camera 24/7, 365 days a year

Our high-quality, state-of-the-art dashboard camera transmits real-time traffic footage and snapshots to the platform Transpoco Vision.

Access the connected dashcam platform remotely to view or review footage 24/7.

Data, recordings and images are protected by the best data security technology guaranteed by Transpoco.

Customizable warnings alongside up-to-date footage

If the worst happens and an accident occurs or a dangerous journey takes place, a series of snapshots will be taken automatically. Thanks to our cloud system, you can quickly access both the snapshots and all the video footage remotely.

Ongoing support for drivers

The goal is always to train your drivers to drive as safely as possible. However, just as important is the additional support that video and photographic evidence can provide, especially when your driver is not at fault.


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