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Create your à la carte version of our fleet management solution:
get started with Locate+ and pick just the features you need!


Our fleet management system is completely customisable. We have gathered the best vehicle tracking features with SynX Move and a more complete list of fleet management options with SynX Perform (including fuel management, driving style, fleet maintenance and much more). But to give you exactly what you need, we have created Synx Locate+ - a completely customisable system with tracking as a base: add just the options you need most!


  • tip1Live Map as default
  • tip2Maintenance module as an option
  • tip2Walkaround checks as an option
  • tip2Create the system as you want
  • tip1Locations as default
  • tip2Driving Style as an option
  • tip2Driver messaging as an option
  • tip2Get the best from our software
  • tip1Move alerts as default
  • tip2Fuel card integration as an option
  • tip2Customisable reports as an option
  • tip2Great flexibility


Learn what our fleet management system can do for your fleet! Today you can get a great base of vehicle tracking and add just the features you want: build up a completely personalised fleet management system and get exactly what your business needs!

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A quick tour of SynX Locate+

Real Time Location1. The best GPS Tracking features to combine with the ones you prefer

item 1  The base the Locate+ system starts from is vehicle tracking as in SynX Move.

item 1  Live Map, Locations Database, GPS tracking alerts and Control Settings included.

item 1  Vehicle Tracking Reports and Move Driving Style Tab available as extra options. Access to the Fleet Manager App included.

item 1   See your vehicles in real time (approx. 60-second-updates) and live traffic updates to warn your drivers of upcoming issues and divert them if needed.


Fleet Maintenance and Paperless Checks

Maintenance2. Fleet Maintenance and Paperless Checks

item 1  Available as an extra option: a complete Maintenance module with servicing schedule and vendors database.

item 2  A customisable system of alerts for the maintenance of your fleet.

item 2  Combinable with our Driver App - the fastest and easiest way to do paperless vehicle checks and walkaround checks.

item 2  Use the recommended vehicle checklists or create your own, eliminate mistakes in the process, attach defect pictures and review vehicle checks history.

Journey Report Vehicle Tracking3. Fuel Management and Fuel Card Integration

step-synx-green  Available as an extra option: a complete fuel management system with fuel card data integrated.

step-synx-green  Keep an eye on every drop of fuel spent through purchases and refill reports, and set global and individual consumption targets.

item 2 Reduce fuel costs and emissions while training drivers to practise ecodriving.

item 2  Fuel data available at any time (not only when you get your fuel bill) for 100% visibility on fuel transactions.

Fuel Management

driving style

Distance Travelled to Site4. Driving Style, Safety and Risk Assessment

step-synx-green  Available as an extra option: a full driver behaviour monitoring system.

step-synx-green  Alerts and Reports on risky and inefficient driving styles including Speeding, Rapid Acceleration, Harsh Braking and Idling.

item 2   A great tool for Fleet Risk Assessment and to improve on driver training.

item 2  Establish a safe driving culture in your company, give feedback on driver performance, reduce collisions and insurance premium.

Real Time Location5. A Complete Suite of Customisable Reports and Add-ons

item 1 Check your fleet requirements with our team and set up the reports and the extra features you need.

item 1 Driver identification, private mode, PTO (power take off) equipment monitoring, API integrations available.

item 1 Build scheduled alerts and reports with our help, get complete journey reports, set up locations on the map.

item 1 We help you setting up reports for the single vehicle, the full fleet or in groups.