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Transpoco Locate

Integrated GPS technology monitors driver activity and vehicle performance in real time


The most advanced tracking capabilities to monitor your fleet

Transpoco Locate offers you an intuitive tracking solution. GPS tracking not only provides all the features you need for effective fleet management, but also reliable, robust and cost-effective. So you can get live updates on your vehicles from anywhere, and use our easy-to-use mobile app to get on-demand reports and alerts wherever you are, whenever you need them.

We work with customers across the UK, Ireland and Europe to help you keep your fleet safe on the road by ensuring you have live, real-time knowledge of where each vehicle is. We help you optimise your fleet, saving time, money and resources while making reporting and accountability a top priority.

Live mapping

Control settings

Live Traffic

Vehicle tracking reports

Fleet manager app

Driver messaging

Location databases

Real-time location

Emergency alerts

Take the first step to keeping you and your fleet safe – discover some of our Transpoco Locate package features and contact us today to schedule a free demo

Monitor driver activity

Enjoy the best features of Transpoco Move, including live mapping, vehicle tracking reports, location databases and control settings.

See your vehicles 24 hours a day, seven days a week in real time with live traffic updates to notify your drivers of upcoming issues and reroute them if needed.

Transpoco Locate technology is fully integrated with Transpoco Trackers and Move modules, allowing fleet managers to monitor the location of their drivers and provide additional security for vehicles traveling in or near specific areas.

Fleet Manager App

Get full access to our Fleet Manager app, which gives you the tools you need to optimise your fleet management.

You'll have a complete overview of all locations, including real-time and service history, and can control vehicle routing for optimal profitability.

The in-app messages allow direct, two-way communication between you and your drivers.

Find the nearest driver

Check the closed vehicles near a specific location to get the most out of your fleet, reduce costs and maximise revenue.

We use GPS tracking technology to keep you informed of each driver's location, so you are able to run effective routes, monitor performance and control driver compliance.

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