Dash cameras

A solution for preventing accidents and getting insurance reductions

Professional dash cameras for fleets and commercial vehicles


Dashboard cameras today are a solution to safety and security issues a fleet of vehicles may incur into. Dash cameras, once installed in your vehicles, record journeys and capture incidents, making insurance premium decrease, helping to promote a safe driving behaviour among your drivers and protecting against scams, false claims and inaccurate or long-lasting investigations.

Use dash cameras to increase driver welfare and protect your business with SynX!

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  • Protect your business

  • Reduce insurance premium
  • Encourage safe driving
  • Easy to install
  • High quality video at night and in adverse weather
  • Hardwiring option


Have a look at what SynX Perform can do for you! You can count on a really complete fleet management solution. If you have any special request, do not hesitate to contact us for a free quote or a demo of the system!


Product Features

  • The dash camera we offer is the pinnacle of current dash cam technology. High quality video images at any time, including night and adverse weather conditions.
  • Meets needs and safety standards of all markets.
  • High resolution and technology that keeps the footage stable: accidents happen at any time, weather condition and speed, hence the importance of having quality images, in order not to miss key information.
  • Easy to use, both Mac and PC compatible.
  • SD card & on/off button lock

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