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Professional dash cameras for fleets and commercial vehicles

Dashboard cameras today are a solution to safety and security issues a fleet of vehicles may incur into.

Dash cameras, once installed in your vehicles, record journeys and capture incidents, making insurance premium decrease, helping to promote a safe driving behaviour among your drivers and protecting against scams, false claims and inaccurate or longlasting investigations.

Use dash cameras to increase driver welfare and protect your business with SynX!

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  • tip1Protect your business
  • tip2Easy to install




  • tip1Reduce insurance premium
  • tip2High quality video at night and in adverse weather
  • tip1Encourage safe driving
  • tip2Hardwiring option


Product Features


  • The dash camera we offer is the pinnacle of current dash cam technology. Released in 2016, it offers high quality video images at any time, including night and adverse weather conditions.
  • Meets needs and safety standards of all markets.
  • High resolution and technology that keeps the footage stable: accidents happen at any time, weather condition and speed, hence the importance of having quality images, in order not to miss key information.
  • Easy to use, both Mac and PC compatible.
  • SD card & on/off button lock

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  • Super HD 2304x1296p at 30fps, 1080p & 720p at up to 60fps video recording
  • HDR sensor providing excellent video quality in all lighting conditions
  • SD XC compatible (4GB to 512GB)
  • External GPS antenna connection
  • External Audio input connection
  • 10hz GPS Receiver
  • A7L processor for high quality H.264 encoding
  • User controlled video bit rate setting
  • User controlled G-Force, audio input and speaker volume settings
  • Low level algorithm for detecting SD card errors and warning the user of any potential problems
  • Alarm input connection for remote triggering events and output for communicating with tracking devices





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