Driver behaviour

Monitor driver style and promote a safe, fuel efficient driving in your fleet

Why driver behaviour?

Driver behaviour, or driving style, is an aspect you need to monitor as part of risk assessment and in an attempt to cut costs and emissions within your fleet.

If you are able to measure the driving style of your staff, there is a lot of actions you can take in order to improve fleet safety, global road safety as well as fuel efficiency and emissions.

Our software allows fleet managers to get alerts and reports on dangerous driving events (speeding, harsh braking and rapid acceleration) as well as on idling. Your best driver will have a conduct based on a safe style, and a safe style is a fuel-efficient one.

If you know who are your best and your worst driver, you will realise there are potential savings that you can enjoy if you are able to switch your whole staff to a safe, fuel efficient driving style. Plus the peace of mind guaranteed by knowing your drivers practice safe driving.

Manage road risk, plan for adequate driver training, enhance the safety of your fleet and save fuel with SynX!


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How can I monitor driver behaviour by means of fleet telematics?

You can view driver behaviour reports for the whole fleet, for a single vehicle or for a single driver if you have the option Driver ID active, or according to the type of alert (speeding, harsh braking, rapid acceleration and idling), and cross-check them with the reports of fuel consumption to know how much this impacts on the fuel economy of your fleet.

These data gives you an idea of the improvement you need to reach your consumption targets, is available in summaries or through a special feature called "map my issues", to view if there is particular areas that might cause recurring driving issues.

The system also gives you the possibility of rewarding drivers by setting up competitions based on either safety or consumption. Drivers will receive updates on their mobile phones by means of the Perform app, which will help in raising awareness through the game.

Start driver challenges and create a safe culture in your fleet with SynX!


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