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Driver Challenge

Use technology and gamification to set up driving competitions, reward drivers and create a safety culture

What is gamification and how can it help my fleet?


Gamification is the use of games or motivational tools to encourage a set of desired action and it a principle widely used in many industries. We believe it can be a very helpful tool for sensitising drivers on the importance of safety, on how their driving style will impact on fuel consumption as well as making them feel part of the team and rewarding them for the good work.

This is the reason why we set up a special section in SynX Perform called "Driver challenge", that helps you in setting driving competitions based on safety alerts or on consumption. Drivers will get updates on their ranking by means of the SynX Perform app. The ranking is based on dangerous driving alerts and consumption targets, so the closest the drivers are to the fuel consumption set and the less alerts they get, the higher they will rank.

The result is a win-win, since it will help you creating a safety culture in your company while saving fuel and meeting your carbon emission targets.

If you think dealing with safety is a real challenge, no doubt you can win it with SynX!

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