Electric Vehicles

A real opportunity for more sustainable transports

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Identify vehicle suitability

Let us help your changeover to Electric

Through our suite of powerful fleet management reports we can help you to identify suitable vehicles to swap to electric

Including identifying:

  • vehicles with low daily mileage
  • vehicles with expensive high fuel consumption
  • charging network opportunities
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Why make the changeover

Benefits of going Electric

Apart from the environmental aspect of moving to electric, their are numerous benefits across different countries/regions

Some examples:

  • Reduced tolls on roads
  • BIK incentives eg. reduced or 0% BIK tax
  • Free or low cost charging points
  • Charging at home and incentives to install charging points
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How we can help

Managing your new Electric Fleet

Now that you have made the exciting decision to move to electric, Transpoco are here to help

Powerful alerts & reports:

  • Distance until recharge required
  • Missed charging opportunities
  • Charging at home reports

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