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SynX Maintain: the fleet compliance software with full fleet maintenance section and walkaround checks


SynX Maintain is a fleet compliance software part of our SynX Perform package. Maintain is dedicated to maintenance recording and vehicle checks. If you are interested in SynX Maintain as a stand-alone contact us or request for an early access.


A quick tour of SynX Maintain

Service Manage1. Fleet maintenance at a glance

item 1  Everything you need to know on the maintenance of your fleet in one page.

item 1   An overview of the outstanding maintenance for your fleet.

step-synx-blue  See all your open and upcoming services at a glance in real time.

step-synx-darkblue Check when the next services are scheduled and make sure your fleet and drivers are ready for that. You can set up friendly email reminders and alerts for all the maintenance and servicing.

Service Index

step-synx-green  You can insert notes on the services required if needed.

step-synx-yellow  You can sort by Registration (Vehicle), Type of Service or Cost of Service.

step-synx-blue  Delete, add services or attach files easily and quickly.


  Get early access to SynX Maintain
Service Index filter by Insurance

Service Index filter by insurance2. How much do I spend on servicing?

item 1  Filters in SynX Maintain help you find the answer to your questions!

step-synx-blue  Want to know how much your fleet spent on tyres, for instance? Filter by Type of Service and get the answer!

step-synx-yellow  Make informed decisions: you can compare the cost for same type of service in different vehicles and act accordingly to the data provided eg. why you spent more on tyres for a certain type of vehicle or see the costs for different providers.


filter by register3. Which vehicle is the most efficient?

step-synx-green  Keep track of all the maintenance events on a vehicle.

step-synx-blue  Filter by Registration Number to monitor your service costs and see where you spend most of your money.

step-synx-yellow  All the maintenance info filtered by asset for you to rightsize your fleet or reassign vehicles.

step-synx-darkblue  Need to purchase a new vehicle or replace an old one? Check this section first!

Service Index filter by filter

Number of Services per type


filter by register4. Service types

step-synx-green  With this option, you can view total figures of each service type grouped.

step-synx-yellow  At a glance see recurring issues with your fleet eg. too many new tyres.

step-synx-blue  You can create and add your own Custom Service Types which are relevant to your fleet and see the corresponding totals.

step-synx-darkblue  Planning for a budget? Considering a new provider? The data you get from SynX will point you in the right direction!


Add a Garage5. Maintenance providers

item 1  Add your own Service Providers (eg. Garages, Insurance) and create your own providers database.

step-synx-blue  Understand where and how much you are spending with each provider.

step-synx-darkblue  No need for paperwork and spreadsheets: keep tabs on where your money is being spent with SynX!

item 1  Everything you need to know on your maintenance vendors in one place.

Add a Garage

Add Service popup

Add Service Popup6. Add a service

Item 1  Easily add your services due with a few clicks.

step-synx-yellow  User-friendly dropdown menus will make this task even quicker!

step-synx-blue  Schedule services for your fleet with SynX!

Add Service popup dropdown alert7. Set up maintenance alerts

Item 1  Get email alerts to stay on top of maintenance and reduce downtime!

step-synx-yellow  Choose the frequency and type of your reminder: you can be alerted days, weeks or months prior to scheduled service or alternatively notified by a % reached of targeted kilometers.

step-synx-blue  Choose user or multiple users to be notified by email.


Add Service popup dropdown alert

Add Service popup dropdown schedule type

Add Service popup dropdown schedule type8. Schedule your services

Item 1  When do your vehicles need servicing? Choose if scheduling according to date, travelled distance or time and be notified accordingly.

step-synx-yellow  Choose when and how you wish to be notified about the services you plan.

step-synx-blue  Schedule reminders for all your preventative maintenance.

step-synx-darkblue Set up reminders notifications for any service task with SynX!

Complete a Service9. Complete a service

Item 1  After your vehicle has been serviced, close off your service and record the key details.

step-synx-yellow  Insert details on service date, where your vehicle was serviced, what was done and, most importantly, how much it cost.

step-synx-blue  Update your maintenance information and get your fleet metrics.

step-synx-darkblue  Keep tabs on your maintenance costs with SynX!

Complete a Service

Attach a File

Complete a Service10. Attach a file

Item 1 Finally forget big folders with our handy attach option! You can attach documents from your computer, gmail, any website URL or you can take pictures on the spot and enclose them.

step-synx-yellow Attach any relevant paperwork to the service, no risks of missing important documents and receipts.

step-synx-blue Achieve the paperless office and keep historical records of your fleet!

step-synx-darkblue Have all of your maintenance documentation at your fingertips with SynX!


Driver11. Walkaround Checks

step-synx-green  With the help of the Driver app you can have your team carrying out walkaround checks on their phones and get them instantly recorded in our maintenance section in the software.

step-synx-yellow   Simplify the process of vehicle checks, save time and eliminate paperwork while maintaining safety standards and legal compliance. Learn more on our app


Walkaround Checks