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Transpoco Maintain - Fleet compliance software

Transpoco Maintain

Complete fleet compliance software that helps you monitor vehicle maintenance, walkaround checks and more


Intuitive compliance software and mobile apps to manage your vehicle servicing, maintenance and walk-around check needs

Transpoco Maintain was developed as part of our larger package Transpoco Perform and acts as a complete fleet compliance software. Transpoco Maintain is fully dedicated to recording maintenance, servicing and vehicle inspections. Transpoco Maintain is designed to be used by smaller fleets as well as larger companies, as the price of the package is scalable to fit any budget. We have also designed our Maintain software to be extremely easy to use for both operators and system managers.

Our operators benefit from a fully integrated maintenance application that tracks the status of their vehicles throughout their lifecycle and helps them record all mandatory vehicle inspections. Our system managers benefit from an intuitive, web-based interface that provides easy access to reports and data. Contact us to find out how you can use Transpoco Maintain as standalone software.

Fleet Maintenance

Walkaround Software

Vehicle Fleet Services

App for walkaround checks

Supplier database

Paperless system

Maintenance calendar

System for maintenance alerts

Cost and budget control

Take the first step to improve your fleet's performance and control costs.

Find out about some of the features of our Transpoco Maintain package and contact us today to schedule a free demo

Fleet maintenance at a glance

Get an overview of the maintenance and service needs of your entire fleet - all on one page.

View pending, open and upcoming maintenance in real time and receive email notifications and reminders when maintenance or service is due.

Optimise your page and sort by vehicle registration, type of maintenance or cost of maintenance.

Quickly and easily add notes, delete and add services, or attach files.

Take control of your maintenance spending

Use the handy filters at Transpoco Maintain to quickly view the cost of a specific product or service type, such as fleet spending on tyres.

Compare the cost of the same service for different vehicles to choose the best provider for your needs.

Vehicle Efficiency

Keep track of all your maintenance events for each vehicle.

Use the handy filter tool to filter by registration number and monitor your service costs to see which areas are costing you the most money.

All maintenance information is filtered by asset so you can right-size your fleet and reallocate vehicles.

Transpoco Maintain can help you decide whether to replace an older vehicle or buy a brand new one.

Service Types

Group each service type and look at the totals for each type. This will help you identify recurring problems in your fleet, such as too many new tyres.

Create and add your own service types relevant to your fleet's needs.

Transpoco Maintain data helps you plan your budget or choose a new provider because you have all the important information right at your fingertips.

Maintenance provider

Create your own provider database and add your own preferred service providers, including repair shops and insurance companies.

Record and understand where and how much you spend with each provider so you can identify any problem areas.

Transpoco Maintain puts an end to tedious paperwork and spreadsheets and keeps all your current maintenance and service data in one place.

Add a service

Quickly and easily add in new services due with just a few clicks.

The user-friendly interface with task-specific drop-down menus allows you to schedule your upcoming service and maintenance appointments for your entire fleet in one central location.

Set up maintenance notifications

Receive timely email notifications directly to your inbox to help you stay on top of maintenance and reduce downtime.

You can select the frequency and type of reminder in the Transpoco Maintain programme. You can set notifications for days, weeks, or even months in advance of scheduled maintenance. Alternatively, you can be notified when a vehicle reaches a certain percentage of its target mileage.

Opt to notify a single user or allow multiple users to receive email notifications together.

Plan your services

Do you find it difficult to keep track of when your vehicle's next service is due? With Transpoco Maintain you can schedule your services by date, distance travelled or time and you and/or your drivers can be notified in good time.

Choose when and how you want to be notified about your upcoming services.

Schedule reminders for all your preventive maintenance appointments as well as notifications for any remaining service tasks.

Complete a service

Once your scheduled service is complete, you can complete your service in the Transpoco Maintain system and record all the important details, such as the service date, the service location, the work performed, and most importantly, the cost.

Keep track of your maintenance information and costs using Transpoco Maintain metrics to keep your fleet running efficiently.

Attach a file

Keep all your maintenance documents in one place with Transpoco Maintain.

Attach documents from your computer, Gmail, or any website URL. You can even take photos, upload them and attach them directly.

Attach the appropriate documents to any service, ensuring you have quick and easy access to any documents you may need in the future, and shop them securely in the programme.

Walkaround checks

The dedicated Driver app allows your team to perform walkarounds checks using their own smartphone, record them instantly and upload the videos/pictures to the maintenance area of the program.

Streamline the vehicle inspection process with simplified video checks and handy tools that help you keep your records in one place while maintaining the highest safety standards and regulatory compliance.

Add mileage from your vehicle manufacturer

Our innovative technology and trusted partners give us unprecedented access to data from some of the largest fleet manufacturers in the world.

Some of the big names we currently retrieve data from include Scania, Renault Trucks and DAF.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you integrate Transpoco Maintain into your fleet.

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