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SynX & Fleet Maintenance

Empower your maintenance system, create a maintenance vendor database and enhance walkaround checks

How do you keep track of fleet maintenance?


Keeping vehicles on the road is essential for companies that rely on driving. In order to have roadworthy vehicles and safe roads it is necessary to put in place an adequate fleet maintenance program, able to minimise downtime and breakdowns, complying with legal requirements and helping you cut on global fleet costs.

Fleet maintenance is just another of the endless responsibilities of fleet managers, not by any means less important than others, but sometimes disregarded. Some companies actually look at maintenance with a reactive approach, thinking that focusing on a maintenance problem when it occurs means saving money. But this is not true, since having a run-to-failure strategy can actually result in more costs and risks as well. A vehicle that is not well-maintained can potentially become unsafe and dangerous for the driver and for the other road users.

If you act promoting prevention instead you will notice benefits in your costs and in the lifecycle of vehicles (and you will ultimately boost fleet safety). SynX Perform helps you setting up a comprehensive maintenance schedule with the help of alerts and reminders. In our Service Manager you will be able to track past, present and future maintenance milestones, set up a maintenance vendor database, compare costs and record walkaround checks.

Reduce costs, empower safety, lower insurance premiums and keep tabs on every aspect related to fleet maintenance with SynX!

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What is proactive maintenance?


If you track and record all the servicing and the maintenance events in your fleet management system, you will be able to enhance your maintenance with a complementary strategy, that is, proactive maintenance.

Preventive maintenance is based on the scheduling of regular maintenance on fleet vehicles. The proactive approach uses the information recorded in the maintenance system to establish an expectancy on wear and tear or breakdowns. The idea is to look at the original cause, on what actually causes the breakdown or the wear and tear in order to eliminate it.

With the maintenance data available together with the fleet performance metrics, it will be easier for you to cut on costs or reorganise your fleet. If you have visibility on your maintenance events and on their costs (global or for a specific driver o vehicle), you can see which areas could be improved, which vehicles could be eliminated or used differently, if there is a recurring breakdown pattern for some vehicles and why. SynX gives you the knowledge!

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