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Fleet Maintenance

Keeping your fleet in optimal condition

How do you keep track of your fleet maintenance?

For businesses that rely on road transport, keeping vehicles on the road is essential. In order to have roadworthy vehicles and safe roads, it is necessary to create a proper fleet maintenance program that minimises downtime and breakdowns, meets regulatory requirements, and helps you reduce global fleet costs.

Fleet maintenance is just another one of the myriad tasks of fleet managers that is by no means less important than others, but is sometimes neglected. Some companies look at maintenance with a reactive approach, thinking that focusing on a maintenance issue when it arises will save money. But that's not true, because a strategy that runs until failure can also lead to more costs and risks. A vehicle that is not well maintained can potentially become unsafe and dangerous for the driver and other road users.

If you focus on prevention instead, you will see benefits in your costs and in the lifecycle of the vehicles (and you will ultimately increase the safety of your fleet). Transpoco Perform helps you create a comprehensive maintenance plan using alerts and reminders. In our Service Manager, you can track past, present and future maintenance milestones, set up a database of maintenance providers, compare costs and record walkaround checks.

Reduce costs, increase safety, lower insurance premiums and keep track of all aspects of fleet maintenance with Transpoco!


Sophisticated algorithms to analyze driver behavior, an advanced engine to calculate fuel consumption, an intelligent routing engine and advanced reports.

OVER 100 VEHICLESProtect Plan

Transpoco Protect is an AI-driven platform that uses voice to detect dangerous situations, receive early incident notifications, and take near real-time preventive action to mitigate risks.

What is proactive maintenance?

If you track and record all maintenance and servicing events in your fleet management system, you can improve your maintenance with a complementary strategy, namely proactive maintenance.

Preventive maintenance is based on scheduling regular maintenance on fleet vehicles. The proactive approach uses the information recorded in the maintenance system to set an expectation of wear or failure. The idea is to investigate the original cause of the breakdown or wear and tear in order to eliminate it.

When you have maintenance data along with your fleet's performance metrics, you can more easily cut costs or restructure your fleet. When you have an overview of your maintenance events and their costs (globally or for a specific driver or vehicle), you can see which areas can be improved, which vehicles could be eliminated or used differently, if there is a recurring failure pattern with some vehicles and why. Transpoco gives you the knowledge!

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From the first GPS tracking system we designed to the development of products focused on fleet safety, we have always strived to provide our customers with the most suitable solution at the most affordable cost.

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