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Fleet Management Resources

Free downloads and materials to streamline your fleet

Free eBooks

Everything you need to know on safety, maintenance, fuel economy, driving for work and legislation.

Implementing walkaround checks in aviation ground fleets

Use our daily walkaround checklist for aircraft ground fleets to get started with vehicle inspections.

Leveraging technology to win the challenges of aviation and GSE fleets

Get more details about how technology can improve ground handling by downloading our free white paper.

The simplified guide to commercial vehicle testing

Learn the fundamentals and in-depth insights on commercial vehicle testing from the industry's leading experts.

10 Tips on how to save money on fuel

Saving fuel is a primary goal for fleets for both environmental and economic reasons, and simple strategies discussed in this ebook can help.

Fuel saving bible: top fuel economy tips every fleet driver should know

Get your free copy and learn how to save money, improve efficiency, be healthier and reduce carbon emissions.

Tips to avoid risks on the road

Our guide provides detailed recommendations and suggestions on how to avoid dangers in road transportation.

Driving for work guide

An essential guide for all employers, Driving for Work gives essential guidance on what employers should do when they are responsible for employees driving as part of their job.

The Ultimate Guide to Fleet Maintenance

Remove inefficiencies and create a streamlined process that ensures your fleet stays safe, efficient, and operating at peak performance.

Winter Driving and Car Care Guide

This guide will assist fleet managers, safety managers, and drivers of large passenger vehicles in preparing for the winter weather this season.

The Step-by-step guide to the perfect fleet policy

The one-stop source for information on fleet management, fleet maintenance, and driver safety, including policies, procedures, and guidelines.

How to use driver behaviour monitoring to cut your fuel costs

Learn how telematics plays a role in modern driver safety and how it can help managers foster a safe driving culture.

How to write a Request for Tender for GPS tracking systems

Learn how to get the best deals by using tender writing software and GPS tracking systems.

Free documents

Checklists, samples and forms you can customise or directly use for your fleet

Run safely your fleet with our COVID-19 Driver Checklist

Download the checklist now, and learn the little things that make all the difference when it comes to safety and preparation.

Get started with our Daily Walkaround Checklist

Carry one checklist with you so you don't forget anything while performing vehicle checks. Our free checklist will be waiting for you in your inbox.

Getting your fleet ready for the cold season with our Winter checklist

Looking for a little help to get your fleet fully ready for the cold season? Check out this winter checklist.

Van-LGV Walkaround Checklist

This eBook will help you learn more about the Van-LGV Walkaround Checklist and how it applies to vehicles in your fleet

Teaching drivers how to get vehicles ready with our Driver Checklist

Discover the secrets of driver training and road safety management. Download our free guide now!

Vehicle Use and Fleet Management Policy

From hiring to maintenance and disposal, this sample policy covers everything you need to know about managing a vehicle fleet.

Check licences for staff and new hires: Driver Declaration Form

This eBook is designed to fleet managers like you who are looking for better ways to manage their fleet of vehicles.

Fleet Telematics Implementation Kit

This practical guide uses real-world examples and step-by-step instructions to make data collection in an existing fleet simple, even for inexperienced fleet managers.

Know more about Transpoco

More materials: learn how you can reach success with Transpoco!

Customer Case Study: EPS Group

Our eBook showcases how EPS Group's track and trace solutions improve customer service, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

Customer Case Study: Actavo Group

Learn how our technology will save you money, lower maintenance costs, and reduce accidents in your fleet. 

Customer Case Study: Iberia Airport Services

Learn how Iberia was able to reduce vehicle operating costs by 43% and gain business flexibility.

Customer Case Study: Radio Kerry Media Company

Read how Radio Kerry Media significantly increased productivity, operational efficiency, and customer experience.

Customer Case Study: Prompto Delivery Company

You'll learn how Prompto improves staffing levels, operational efficiencies and ultimately customer experience in the industry.

Walkaround Checks Solution Guide

With the Walkaround Checks Solution Guide, you can take control of risk and improve the safety performance of your fleet.

Fleet Management made easy with Transpoco

This fleet management software guide will teach you everything you need to know to make smart business decisions fast.

Video Gallery

Learn more about us or find more useful tips for your fleet

'How to set up an efficient maintenance program'

Learn how to carry out a cost-effective maintenance programme by watching the video.

'How to manage risks when driving for work'

Learn from professional insight how to avoid driving offences and how to manage potential accidents.

Use knowledge to power your fleet with Transpoco!

Discover how to reduce your fleet power costs and increase safety on the road with Transpoco's telematics solution.

Get the results of an expert fleet manager!

Improve your fleet profitability and efficiency with the revolutionary software for fleet management.

Transpoco Telematics: our story

Learn how Transpoco has grown to become one of the leading fleet management solution providers.

'How to make the most of your fuel data and reduce your fuel bill'

Watch a video and learn how to fuel optimization software can help you reduce your fuel bill.

'How does Driver ID work?'

Learn how driver ID works and how you can use it to save money and keep your fleet safe.

The Walkaround Check App by Transpoco

Find out how the Check App by Transpo could benefit your business.

Driver App: Walkaround Checks Tutorial

Learn everything there is to know about Transpoco's driver app, Walkaround Checks, in this video.