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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about our software? We have the answers.
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We'll make sure your questions are answered quickly and appropriately so your fleet is managed as efficiently as possible.

How much is this?

There are a couple of options. Please check out our pricing page, but also talk to us! We can learn a little bit more about your company and recommend the right solution.

What option/system do I need?

You can take a look at the pricing page or we can quickly find the best solution if you call us. We will talk through what your vehicles do and work out which solution works best for you.

I'm just collecting information and pricing at the moment, can you help me with this?

Of course! There is lots of information on the website, or please feel free to call us and tell us what you need we can gather everything for you.

Do I get a discount if I have a large number of vehicles?

Our pricing is consistent through the year, however we do have different options to reduce your cost, let's talk!

All I want is... feature, how much is that?

We have designed the packages to fit the needs of most customers, so we should have something to suit you.

Can you send a sales person to visit my office?

The vast majority of our sales are done remotely, we have plenty of communication together, but to keep our costs down we make the most of technology. Of course we do have staff on the road and we love to meet customers, so, when a meeting is required, we will travel. Our suggestion is that we work a bit together on the phone, work out what you need, then when that is coming together we can figure out the logistics of a meeting.

Do you have customers in my area that I could talk to for a reference?

Almost certainly, where are you?

Will I end up paying more per litre in terms of fuel cost by sticking with one card?

You can make very small savings by continually switching fuel provider, at the end of the year it comes to really small amount. There is a much bigger saving available by addressing how you use the fuel and how your vehicles are driven. We think this is a bigger prize and where we should focus our attention.

What sort of savings can I expect to get from my fleet?

We expect SynX to pay for iself instantly. We will get savings in a number of areas, productivity, fuel savings, safety savings, fleet maintenance savings. To get a good estimate of the savings, please have a go of our savings calculator, or just call us and we can walk you through our expectations and how we make these calculations.

Can I stop after a few months when the drivers are doing better?

Contractually you have no obligation to continue, however in reality SynX is like eating healthily, you need to keep doing it to see results. We are confident the system will pay for itself many times over. Once customers start working with us they nearly all stay with us for years.

I am going to decide based on cost, is this the best you can do?

In the interest of fairness to our customers we always offer our very best pricing. The most important thing to remember at this point is we are trying to get savings: a decision to buy should be based on how much you will save, not how much it costs. We have designed the packages to fit the budgets of our customers. For smaller fleets that don't need much functionality we have a beautifully simple system at a low cost. For larger fleets we can do more, and save more.

What savings can I make from working with you?

We have built a savings calculator that is going to help answer this question. You can use it yourself or contact us and one of the team will guide you through it.

Can I get an insurance reduction?

Many insurance companies give insurance reductions based on having tracking units installed. If you insurance company has a scheme in place we can assist you in lowering your premium. Also if you work with a broker they should be able to get some reduction based on working with us.

Can I have a free trial?

Well, there is good news and bad news... bad news, we can't do a free trial, good news is we do not tie you in for long contracts, so you have no risk, if you are not getting an instant return on your investment you can stop whenever you like.

How old is your company?

We started developing telemetry systems in Dublin City University in 2003. We began trading commercially in 2006.

Who are your biggest customers?

We have a pretty big range of customers. From 1000 vehicles down to 1 vehicle, we have a solution to fit everyone.

I only want to track vehicles for part of the year, is that ok with you?

You can, we can setup a parking fee for the part of the year that units are not tracked. Please talk to one of the team and they will help you.


Our team of experts is ready to answer all your questions about Transpoco fuel savings, all fleet management solutions and more.

How are we going to actually save fuel?

We are going to setup all your vehicles with a fuel consumption target. The real key is for drivers to drive better. We are going to show both you and the drivers their current level of performance and what they need to do to improve. We are also going to setup mini competitions for drivers so they are incentivised to drive better. Over time you will see serious improvements and make savings in fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

What if my drivers don't listen and don't want to improve?

The beauty of SynX is that it takes the responsiblity of improving driving habits away from the fleet manager and puts the responsibility on the drivers as a group. We run a series of driving challenges that encourage the drivers to improve. We start simply with a straight competition to see who will get the least speeding alerts, but we move onto more interesting games after a period of time. We find that some drivers are not interested in taking part in the initial games, we then swing the focus to leverage these non engaging drivers by creating team games to which they are central. This evolving approach will win over even the most cynical drivers.

How much fuel will I actually save?

The difference between a good and bad driver in the average fleet we look at is always more than 20% in terms of fuel consumption (all other things like route, load weights and vehicle type being equal). Our target for a van or a car is about a 20% fuel consumption improvement. If the average driver makes an honest effort to drive better, this fuel saving is instantly achievable.


Transpoco will give you immediate answers to your most pressing business questions, whether about the performance of individual vehicles or the costs and operating conditions of your entire fleet.

There is no value in me knowing the location of the vehicles. Can I use just the fuel and safety improvement parts of the system?

Absolutely! We have some customers like this. We can turn off the "where is the vehicle" part of the system and you can concentrate on just having safer and more fuel efficient drivers.

Can I buy fuel in many different places and integrate that all in the system?

We can integrate with different fuel suppliers, not just cards, as long as there is a record it can be added by either uploading a CSV file or manually inputting the data.

Are there special rules around what I need to do in terms of using the fuel cards?

To get an improvement in fuel ther are a number of pieces to the puzzle. We provide all of the pieces, but we need you to put them together. We need you to do a couple of tasks and get a couple of things in place for the system to work. We will guide you through this and it does not take much of your time. if you are enthusiastic about the project, it will work a treat!

How long does it take to get savings?

You will get some productivity savings instantly after signing up. Fuel and maintenance savings take a little bit longer to achieve and we need your support to build momentum. We will work together on improving the standard of driving in your business and we will start to see results after about 6 weeks.

I don't want to buy online, can I have a pro forma invoice?

Yes, please contact us.

How do I pay you?

We just need to get you a proposal and you can pay that in a few different ways. Speak to one of the team and they will organise everything.

When is the soonest you can install?

We need to organise some logistics, like getting your hardware ready, working out when your vehicles are available, do you want us to install, do you want to install yourself. Let's talk, I am sure we can help you!

Do we bring the vehicles to you for installation?

You have a number of options. We can send an engineer to you, you can bring the vehicle to one of our installation partners or if it suits you can install the units yourselves.

Can you install on a Saturday/Sunday/early/late?

We can help you. Talk to us and we will work something out!

Can we have a number of users?

Yes, we price based on the number of vehicles on your system. You can add any number of users and all users can be assigned different account settings, for example one user may only need to see a few of the vehicles on the system, others may only need to see real time location but not driving history, etc. We can set this up anyway you need.

Can I access the system from home?

Yes, it is web based, so you can access on anything connected to the net, pc, smartphones, etc.

Do you come and install the software?

No, it is web based, so you can access on anything connected to the net, pc, smartphones, etc. We do all the user training and setup maintenance remotely.

How do you do user training?

We do it all online, once you are setup, we take you through all the features you need.

What if I need more user training?

No problem, just book it on the site or call us, it's free.

What hours is your support open?

8.30am - 6.30pm Monday to Friday

Can you track my husband/wife/partner's car?

We are mostly about increasing productivity, reducing fuel consumption and safer driving. If your husband/wife/partner has other issues, our software is overkill for what you need.

Is it ok to put it in without telling the staff?

No, this is a very bad idea. We have been doing this for years and now have a really robust process for helping our customers get the most out of the system and how they can best communicate with their drivers. Talk to us and we will guide you through this process.

How should I go about working with drivers? I don't think the staff will like it!

We have been doing this for years. Once you go through the implementation steps we recommend you won't have any problems. If you are worried about this, talk to us.

Where is the device installed?

The black box unit is normally installed under the dashboard, out of sight. There is an antenna installed with the unit, that is also under the dashboard. So nothing is visible. the unit doubles as a security device so if the vehicle is ever stolen the thief will not know there is a unit installed.

How long does the installation take?

About 45 minutes for a standard install. If we are doing any extra work like connecting to auxiliary equipment for example on a road sweeper then the install will naturally take longer.

Who installs the units?

There are a few options. We send an engineer to you, you can take it to one of our installation partners or you can install the unit yourself. If you would like to discuss these options please contact us.


We are ready to answer any technical question about Transpoco Fleet Management Software.

Can you tell me how it works?

We have a couple of different levels of system and, depending on what you need, we set you up with the right one on your account. From there, a black box unit needs to be installed in the vehicle, so we can do that, or alternatively you can self install or have your garage do it. Once that is installed, then it starts sending back data. All you have to do from there is log in. So we give you a username and password as soon as you sign up and from there you are up and running. We need to do some work together to actually achieve some fuel saving. User training, and support etc. is all initiated through your account. So if you need anything you literally just need to click.

My impression is that the systems are all the same, your systems, your competitors' systems, everyone, all the same. Is that right?

No, definitely not! Forget about competitors for a second. We can setup your system a ton of different ways, so we need to work with you and see what is going to suit you best. With our competitors, there is huge variation, some are great, some really bad, some specialize in big trucks, others in staying away from small fleets. There is a wide variety available but it is our job to learn about your fleet and get the right system in place for you.

What can you monitor in relation to fuel consumption?

A huge amount. If you are interested in saving fuel and reducing fuel consumption then we have what you need.

Do you connect to the vehicles engine management system?

No, we don't do that, we prefer to focus on reports based on fuel purchased, we find it works best for us and our customers as we get more accurate data.

Do you have speed limits?

Yes, we go into a huge amount of detail on speed limits. We look at the speed of the vehicle compared to the posted speed limit of the road. We then grade the gravity of the speeding incident and rank drivers in your fleet based on their performance.

Can I track trailers?

Yes. We can track trailers and other mobile devices through our asset tracking option. Contact us for any questions.

Do you have an Iphone/Android app?

We actually have two! SynX Move app is nice, simple and easy to use and designed to give you the information you need to get control of your fleet whilst you are on the move. SynX Perform Driver App manages driver challenges (educational competitions between drivers based on consumptions or safety alerts) and walkaround checks: today you can start doing vehicle checks in a fast and very efficient way! Feel free to call us if you have any questions.

What is fuel card integration?

SynX is centered around this area of technology. We have gone into more detail here than any other competitor. We know that our customers are too busy to deliver thorough data themselves and to work out where they can make savings. We built SynX to automate this analysis. SynX looks at all your data and gives you answers, not only that, it also helps you address the areas for potential saving by communicating directly with drivers and by monitoring your progress as you go.

Can anyone else see my data?

No, it is secure. We know that we have really sensitive information from all of our customers and we do not take that responsibility lightly. We have robust security processes in place and we encrypt the data we send.

I have old units from a different supplier, can I use those?

No, we install our own hardware. The economics of reprogramming or recycling old hardware just don't make sense, so we only ever install our own kit.

How often does the system update the position of a vehicle?

Roughly every 30 seconds, it updates every minute by default and also every time there is an event, like the vehicle makes a turn greater than 15 degrees or the vehicle starts or stops, things like that.

Do you have a portable tracker?

Whilst we sometimes sell tracking units with portable (cigarette lighter socket or OBDII) connections we do not recommend this type of connection for most customers. Please speak to one of the team and we can help you get what you need.

Can you track my phone?

No... , do you have vehicles? Would you consider tracking those instead of the phones? There are a number of advantages. The information you get back is way faster and more accurate and also there is no chance of losing data through someone turning off the phone or it running out of power or whatever else.

Can the unit be tampered with?

It is quite difficult to tamper with a unit once it has been installed. However if it does happen (very very rarely), there is an alert raised that will notify you immediately by SMS message or email.

Can I export or integrate the data with another system?

Yes, we have an API which connects to other IT systems.

Can you measure temperature of refrigerated vehicles?


Can I send messages to the drivers?

Yes, via ordinary mobiles or smart phones, you can send them messges, despatch job details even send them them location details and they can navigate to their next job or point of interest in one click. This is a really helpful feature for many customers.

How can you help me reduce my fleet maintenance costs?

We have a fleet management system that will help you with administration of the fleet, it will record all of your vehicle maintenance details and give you reports around your most expensive vehicle in terms of maintenance. It also gives you a record of what you are spending on different maintenance items, so you can compare new quotes and invoices to previous work done on any of your vehicles.

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