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Transpoco Move - GPS Tracking Technology

Transpoco Move

Optimise your fleet with the latest GPS tracking technology


Never lose track of your fleet with Transpoco Move

Transpoco Move is a powerful fleet management system with integrated GPS tracking technology that gives you full control of your fleet 24/7 from any device, thanks to our cloud computing software. Transpoco Move offers a wide range of features to help you get the most out of your fleet, including journey and working reports, optimised routes, vehicle location, driving style alerts and much more. With our dedicated smartphone app Fleet Manager you can easily manage your fleet on the move, with handy features such as:

Real-time location

Google Maps Premier

Live traffic

Find the nearest driver


Fleet reports

Driver messaging

Customizable alerts and personalisation

Work 24/7 from any device

Complete driving history

PTO monitoring (on demand)

Driver ID (upon request)

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Real-time location

Transpoco Move allows you to monitor the location of your fleet around the clock with our Real-time location. This gives you personalised, instant feedback on the vehicle status of your entire fleet.

Access the status of your vehicles in both map and table format. With live updates, you can track vehicle locations and prevent theft or misuse.

View the status of your vehicle's engine (on/off/on) through a simple, colour-coordinated interface.

With regular updates every 60 seconds, you can track your vehicles in real-time. Additionally, you can set up live traffic updates to alert your drivers to potential problems or hazards and reroute them if needed.

With interactive view modes, you can view your fleet from satellite view (a bird's eye view to quickly see your vehicle on the map), street view (a 3D street-level view to pinpoint a vehicle's exact location), or OSM (an alternative map view with more detail in specific areas).

Location database

Set up a location database in your system to store all important locations of your key customer or branches for quick access.

All key locations can be geofenced (i.e. assigned a "virtual perimeter") within the system. This allows you to receive notifications and reports recording when a vehicle arrived, how much time it spent on site and when it left.

Customise your user-friendly interface with a range of icons and colours to suit your business. This allows you to map your customer areas and identify patterns and areas with stronger or weaker customer bases.

With integrated geofencing, Transpoco Move provides an extra layer of security for your fleet to prevent theft and provide additional protection for divers in specific areas.

Journey reports

Get a detailed view of your fleet's daily activity at Journey reports, with accurate, detailed reports for each trip, with access to origin and destination locations, including customer or custom locations.

With integrated route replay, you can easily view and compare trip times and routes to ensure you have a complete overview of the area and can implement the optimal route planning for your fleet.

Keep track of miles travelled with up-to-date distance records.

Track idle time to minimise fuel waste.

Location reports

Access key reports for customers who need to manage time on site by listing custom locations and all on-site activity per individual vehicle or for your entire fleet.

Run reports on any location and see the date of your last visit, how many times you were there within a given time period, and how long you spent on site.

Compare time on site for different jobs or locations.

Monitor time spent in the office, at home, or at other non-customer locations.

Match your reports with timesheets or invoices to more accurately determine expenses.

Alerts and scheduled reports

Transpoco Move is designed to support busy fleet managers who have limited time or access to PC. Transpoco Move offers several flexible and fully customizable options for daily and/or weekly reports via email or SMS.

Specify and set up your most important KPI alerts, or get notified when multiple events occur.

Set up standard alert receptions that allow you to see, for example, if vehicles are being used outside of working hours, if vehicles are entering or leaving the premises at unauthorised times, or if vehicles are staying on the premises for too long.

Stop reports

Stop reports allow you to view how many jobs were completed during the day, how long each job took (including breaks), and where it started and ended.

The reports include your custom locations, and the built-in Google Maps and street view allow you to see all the stops scheduled for your fleet.

Compare timesheets and compare on-site times for different jobs and locations, and keep track of breaks, lunches and unusual activities.

Fleet summary

Transpoco Move Fleet Summary provides you with a summary of detailed and specific information for a given time period. This allows you to check the start and end times of your shift and view the number of trips and completed jobs within the specified time period.

Other information available in the summary includes mileage and routes with full playback availability.


An easy to use visual representation showing where your vehicles have been during the day.

Transpoco Move's GPS tracking technology collects your fleet's data in real time and transfers it to a heatmap where you can see the areas with the most activity.

PTO (Power Take-Off) monitoring

You can have PTO devices monitored and choose from a variety of PTO reports. This add-on module is available on request.

This information can be displayed in a PTO report, including: time and location the PTO was engaged and disengaged, the duration the PTO was engaged, and the route of the trip between start and stop times.

Driver ID

The additional function Driver ID is available on request and enables the tracking of an unlimited number of drivers and vehicles.

Depending on your individual requirements, individual alerts for individual drivers can be integrated into the system (e.g. speed notifications, etc.).

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