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Transpoco Move

The evolution of GPS tracking

Transpoco Move is a fleet management system based on GPS vehicle tracking technology

With its integrated GPS tracking technology, Transpoco Move is a powerful fleet management system offering a number of features for locating vehicles, generating journey and working reports, optimising routes, setting up driving style alerts and much more. With Transpoco Move you will have your fleet under control 24/7, from any device, by means of a cloud computing software and a dedicated smartphone Fleet Manager app.

  • Real Time Location

  • Geofencing
  • Working 24/7 from any device
  • Google Maps Premier
  • Fleet Reports
  • Full driving history
  • Live Traffic
  • Driver messaging
  • PTO monitoring (on request)
  • Locate Nearest Driver
  • Customisable alerts and personalisation
  • Driver ID (on request)

Learn what our fleet management system can do for your fleet! Here you can have a look at some of the features offered by our Transpoco Move package. All reports are downloadable in different formats for your analysis. Do not hesitate to contact us for a free quote or a demo of the system!


A quick tour of Transpoco Move


  • With Transpoco Move and its Real Time Location features, you will have instant feedback on vehicle status for the whole fleet or for specific groups of vehicles.
  • The status of your vehicles is available in both map and table format, live with frequent updates: you can easily trace back vehicle positions and prevent theft and misuse.
  • See where everything is at a glance: green means engine on, red means engine off and yellow refers to vehicle sitting up, no on/off.
  • See your vehicles in real time (approx. 60-second-updates) and live traffic updates to warn your drivers of upcoming issues and divert them if needed.
  • Get always the latest up to date maps powered by Google Maps Premier and Streetview to see your vehicle location right down to street level.
  • Options for satellite view (birds' eye view to understand where your vehicle is), street view (3D view to pinpoint exactly where you are, customer site, shop, etc), OSM (alternative mapping view, more detailed in certain areas).

livemap Overall


  • You can set up a locations database in the system by using the location section in order to store all your key customer or branch locations.
  • All key sites can also be geofenced in the system - assigned to a "virtual perimeter" - to then provide accurate and timely alerts and reports to record when a vehicle arrives there, the time spent onsite and when it departs a location.
  • In a user-friendly interface you can group sites to suit your organisation with flexible icons/colours, map out your customers and see patterns, areas of strong or weak customer bases.
  • Bulk upload options available and locations filters through to all reports, stops, journeys will make your life even easier. You can filter map by site names, types or labels.
  • With the help of locations and geofencing, Transpoco Move help you prevent theft and gives added security, you can protect your drivers if they are working in a special area.



  • Journey Reports in Transpoco Move give you a piece by piece look at the day of your fleet. You can use this information to drill into detail on each start and stop by viewing locations (including. custom locations), start time, end time…
  • In our detailed reports you will be able to keep track of start and stop time of each journey, plus you will get detailed start and stop locations, including any custom locations you might have set up.
  • Easily compare journey times, and view routes. You can playback route by route, right back to the first day of installation, get an overview of the area, sensible routing for decision-making and better route-planning.
  • The system records all distances covered to update the fleet situation - how much mileage did we do?
  • Track idling time – how long is the vehicle ticking over without moving (wasting fuel?)



  • Get key reports for clients who need to manage time on site by listing custom locations, all activity on site per single vehicle or full fleet.
  • You can run reports on any custom site and track back when it was the last time you visited a specific customer, how many times have you visited a customer in a week, month, period of time and how long you spend on site with a customer.
  • Compare time on site for different jobs or different locations.
  • Monitor time spent at office, home or another non customer sites.
  • Match up your reports against timesheets or invoices.



  • Designed for the busy fleet managers with limited time and access to PC, there are multiple, flexible, customisable options for daily or weekly reports by email or sms.
  • Declare and set up your key KPI alerts or get alerts built on multiple events.
  • Setup default alert recipes eg. vehicle used outside of work hours, vehicle enters/exit site during unauthorised hours, vehicle spends too long on site.



  • Stop reports show you how many jobs got done in the day and how long each job took, including breaks, with detailed start and stop locations.
  • Reports include any custom locations you have set up and you can see all your stops laid out on Google Maps/Street view.
  • Match up against timesheets, compare time on site for different jobs and locations and monitor breaks, lunch hours and unusual activity.



  • An overview of what happened on a specific day/period (yesterday, last week): first start time, last stop time, shift time...
  • Check on finish time or out of hours driving, shift time (How many hours did we get in before start and finish times?)
  • View number of journeys, jobs done on a specific day (including non-work-related), distance covered in mileage, routes with full playback available.



  • A visual, quick report answering to the question "Where have my vehicles been so far today?"
  • By means of the GPS tracking technology, the system collects points from the fleet, translating them into a Heatmap, able to show you areas where most activity is concentrated (red).
  • Get today's driving at a glance with the Heatmap of Transpoco Move!



  • If you wish, you can have PTO equipment monitored and choose from a variety of PTO reports available. Request this as an add-on.
  • You can have this information displayed in the PTO report: the time and location the PTO was turned on, the time and location the PTO was turned off, the duration the PTO was on and the route of the journey between start time and last stop time.



  • Driver ID is available as an add-on feature on request. Unlimited drivers and unlimited vehicles can be tracked in the system.
  • Different alerts for each driver can be built into the system depending on your requirements (e.g.: an alert if a speed limit is exceeded)
  • Alerts can be built for individual drivers irrespective of what vehicle they are in. We can set alerts as required by you on speed/idling/geoference location etc. These can be specified on the left for individual vehicles and/or drivers for that vehicle. You can then also drill down to type of alert and time and date range required.


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