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Fleet Safety and Security

Ensuring Peace of Mind: Navigating the Roads with Fleet Safety and Security

How do you manage fleet safety in your business?

It is not only desirable to maintain the highest safety conditions when you have a business that relies on driving. As a fleet manager, you are responsible for the safety of your staff. You need to ensure that vehicles are roadworthy and have the best safety features. You need safe and responsible drivers on the road so as not to compromise the safety of other road users.

Safety is as important as fuel, vehicles, drivers and maintenance. You need to promote safety and emphasise its importance within your fleet. You must have a risk management and data collection system in place to help you prevent incidents. You also need to comply with safety regulations from a legal point of view, otherwise you will face penalties. You need to ensure that drivers have the necessary skills to do their job and train them regularly.

Transpoco is a great tool for safety management. You can keep an eye on driver behaviour, create a safety culture in your fleet with the driver challenge, use the data for risk management, or train drivers if a dangerous driving behaviour keeps occurring. Ensure a safe fleet with Transpoco!


Transpoco Move is a fleet management system based on GPS vehicle tracking technology. It helps you manage your employees' time and progress by instantly monitoring their location.

OVER 100 VEHICLESProtect Plan

Transpoco Protect is an AI-driven platform that uses voice to detect dangerous situations, receive early incident notifications, and take near real-time preventive action to mitigate risks.

What about security?

Your employees may have to work in difficult weather conditions, in remote locations or simply in an emergency. And what about protecting your assets from theft? Transpoco will take care of your drivers and assets and help you deal with difficult situations. From instructing drivers in difficult situations to helping you identify unusual patterns and locate stolen vehicles.

How can GPS tracking and telematics technologies contribute to safety and security?

Here are some of the features built into Transpoco that can help ensure safety and manage security, driver behaviour and risk assessment:

  • GPS tracking to locate and protect vehicles and assets
  • "Map My Issues" - option to detect common dangerous driving patterns
  • Driver behaviour alerts and dashboard
  • Complete maintenance section with walkaround checks to keep vehicles roadworthy
  • Driver challenge area: use games to create a culture of safety within your business

Our goal is to provide the most advanced solutions to our customers

From the first GPS tracking system we designed to the development of products focused on fleet safety, we have always strived to provide our customers with the most suitable solution at the most affordable cost.

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