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How do you manage fleet safety in your business?

Maintaining the highest safety conditions when having a business that relies on driving is not just desirable. As a fleet manager, you are responsible for the safety of your staff, you have to guarantee vehicles are kept roadworthy and are equipped with the best safety features. You need to have safe and responsible drivers on the road in order not to impact on the safety of other road users.

Safety is just as essential as fuel, vehicles, drivers and maintenance are. You need to promote safety and stress its importance within your fleet. You must have a system in place for managing risks and collecting data helping you in preventing incidents. On the legal point of view, you also have to comply with safety regulations or might incur in sanctions. You have to make sure drivers have the necessary skills to do the job and train them regularly.

SynX is a great tool for managing safety. You can keep tabs on driver behaviour, create a safety culture within your fleet with the driver challenge, use the data for managing risks or train drivers if some dangerous driving behaviour tends to be recurring.

Have a safe fleet with SynX!



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What about security?

Your staff might have to work in challenging weather conditions, in remote locations or just be in an emergency. And what about protecting your assets from theft?

SynX takes care of your drivers and assets and helps you in managing difficult situations. From instructing drivers in case of adverse situations, to help you detecting unusual patterns and locating stolen vehicles.






How can GPS tracking and telematics technology help with safety and security?

Here is some of the features integrated in SynX that can help in guaranteeing security and managing safety, driver behaviour and risk assessment:

  • GPS tracking for vehicle and assets location and protection
  • Map my issues option - disclosing common dangerous driving patterns
  • Driver behaviour alerts and dashboard
  • Complete maintenance section with walkaround checks to keep vehicles roadworthy and safe
  • Driver challenge section: use games to create a safety culture in your company


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