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SynX & Fuel Management

Learn how SynX can record purchases, track fuel consumption and make you save money on fuel

Why do I need a fuel management system?


Fuel constitutes probably the major expense for a fleet. Fleet managers are constantly required to try new strategies to reduce fuel costs. If you are the person responsible for a fleet you might be surprised of how high your bills can get and wonder how you could spend less money on fuel.

Knowledge is power: if you know where every drop of fuel is spent, how fuel purchases are carried out, if you can have a look in real time at purchase information and not just check bills at the end of the month... you can empower your fuel economy and drive your fleet to success. Saving money on fuel and having more resources to expand your business.

If you think your fuel bills are far too high, start looking for an alternative way of cutting fuel costs. Get SynX and get complete control of fuel in your fleet.

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What can a fuel management system do?


If you have a fleet management system based on GPS tracking like SynX Move, there is already a great deal of actions you can take for reducing mileage and saving fuel, from optimising routes, to predict traffic, from preventing unnecessary detours to locating the closest driver to a delivery location.

But with a complete system enhanced by fuel card integration, like SynX Perform, you can really make the difference. You can check fuel purchases in real time, prevent misuse of fuel cards, eliminate fuel theft and get powerful data on consumption. The fuel data is then cross-checked with driver behaviour data, informing you on which are the driving styles that most impact on fuel consumption. From there you can take action, set targets for fuel consumption, train eco-driving and have a responsible and safe fleet while boosting your fuel economy.

Get full visibility on where every drop of fuel is spent!

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"In order to get good fuel economy, you need a small vehicle". Although it seems a logical explanation, the smaller car or vehicle...

It’s probably not the first time we mention this, and it probably won’t be the last, but it’s important to reinforce the concept...

When we try to explain to our potential customers how much money they could save on bills if they monitored driver behaviour...