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Transpoco Perform

Fuel card integration, maintenance and safety

Transpoco Perform combines the advantages of GPS tracking technology with the ones of a complete fuel management software

Transpoco Perform is a fuel management software combining the features of Transpoco Move with an advanced interface. The suite offers extensive fuel data, maintenance section, enhanced safety/driver behaviour reports and much more - such as the option of setting up fuel consumption targets and start driver challenges.

Perform gives you the knowledge to be in control: available 24/7, from any device, by means of a cloud computing software and empowered by an innovative driver app allowing your staff to carry out vehicle checks and participate in the consumption/safety competitions.

  • GPS vehicle tracking

  • Fuel Card Integration
  • Driver Behaviour
  • Fuel and Safety reports
  • Maintenance Section
  • Dangerous Driving Alerts
  • Fleet Performance Analytics
  • Walkaround Checks
  • Idling Alerts
  • all the standard Transpoco Move features
  • Customised Consultancy
  • Driver Challenge section

Have a look at what Transpoco Perform can do for you! You can count on a really complete fleet management solution. If you have any special request, do not hesitate to contact us for a free quote or a demo of the system!


A quick tour of Transpoco Perform


  • Get complete visibility on fuel purchases and consumption with our fuel card integration: know where every drop of your fuel is spent.
  • Accurate information is entered into the system for both fuel consumption on vehicles and to highlight vehicle/driver performance.
  • Transpoco can integrate with your current fuel card transaction data feed to provide the Transpoco feedback.
  • Transpoco Perform will help you cut on fuel costs as well as on your global fleet costs. Having a green fleet will be easier by measuring and reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Fuel data is available 24/7 and not only when you get your fuel bill. You have complete control on purchases and can prevent fuel card misuse.
  • With all the fuel metrics available you can set up targets for fuel consumption within your fleet or for individual drivers. Together with the insights on safety and maintenance you will get to know areas of improvement and optimisation in your business.



  • With Transpoco Perform and the fuel card integration, you can start monitoring fuel consumption and driving style on vehicles.
  • By getting complete visibility on fuel, the system will highlight current consumptions of the vehicles and target improvements in fuel efficiencies and driver health and safety.
  • You can set up fuel consumption targets for individual drivers or as a team and support your team with Transpoco advice to reach success.
  • Reduce emissions and costs and keep your drivers safe as well as the other road users.
  • See how your fuel economy improves month after month with Transpoco Perform!



  • With Transpoco Perform you can monitor driver behaviour and train drivers on how to switch to a safer driving style.
  • Individual vehicles and drivers are measured on key indicators such as speeding, harsh breaking, rapid acceleration and idling.
  • All alerts are recorded in the system and threshold levels can be set (eg. above 95km/hour on motorways etc.).
  • Feedback is given to the drivers on how they are currently performing and also tips on improvements: Transpoco will help you raising awareness on how driving style impacts on fuel economy and safety.
  • Transpoco Perform will help you establish a safe driving culture in your business and create a generation of responsible drivers, while you are saving on your fleet costs.
  • An extra tool for improving on safety, emissions and savings: set up drivers competitions based on consumption targets and safe driving style.



  • When a driver challenge is open, drivers get updates on their performance against their target by SMS or smartphone.
  • Individual instances can be reviewed at anytime as all data is logged for time/date/location/speed. Drivers will be ranked best to worst on all aspects of driving style.
  • Drivers want to excel in their performance, so they will keep playing the game leading to continuous improvement, safer driving and increasing fuel economy, while maintenance and insurance costs drop.
  • All incidents over the parameters set or road limits are logged and reported on in the system and can be easily accessed.
  • Fuel data is completed with driving behaviour insights for your analysis and informed decision-making.
  • Create a new culture in your fleet with Transpoco Perform!



  • Full suite of administration services and user statuses available for HR/Operations.
  • Reports/Alerts/Servicing schedules can be tailored specifically for individual drivers/vehicles/sites.
  • The perfect tools for saving time with paperwork, with attach document option available.



  • A comprehensive fleet maintenance system for recording vendors, services together with costs and helpful for scheduling your maintenance.
  • Empower maintenance and reduce wear and tear.
  • Check our Transpoco Maintain information for further insights - it is included in the Transpoco Perform package - or schedule a demo today!
  • All scheduled servicing and maintenance on the vehicles are recorded and future services can be flagged in the system to allow due notice for organising downtime.



  • With Transpoco Perform and the help of the Driver app you can have your team carrying out walkaround checks on their phones and get them instantly recorded in our maintenance section in the software.
  • Simplify the process of vehicle checks, save time and eliminate paperwork while maintaining safety standards and legal compliance. Learn more on our app.


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