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Transpoco is a leader in the telematics industry and was founded to help drivers understand their driving behavior and empower them to improve their behavior on the road. Our product line includes GPS tracking systems, dash cams, fleet management software and more.
Contact us with any questions and learn more about Transpoco Telematics solutions.All of our packages do not require contracts and are available as pay-as-you-go solutions.


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Locate Plan


  • Typically under 10 vehicles

* Price per vehicle

Perform Plan


  • Typically under 50 vehicles

* Price per vehicle

Protect Plan


  • Typically over 100 vehicles

* Discounts may apply

GPS Tracking
Locations Database
Flexible Reports
Fleet Manager APP  
Scheduled Reports  
System Alerts  
Driving Style Tab  
Fuel Management    
KPI Dashboards    
Fleet Maintenance    
Walkaround Checks    
Driver Mobile App    
Private Driving Mode    
Power Take-Off (PTO)    
Peak Utilisation      
Messaging Integration      
Dash Camera      
Temperature Monitoring      
Vehicle Routing      
Winter Maintenance      
Authorised Drivers      
Engine Idling      

All plans include

The Transpoco customer team is here to answer your questions and make sure you get the most out of our tools.

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Customer support

Get access to our world-class customer service and support team.

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Help documentation

All plans come with live chat support and documentation Knowledge Base.

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Training program

Our plans include customized training programs based on your goals.

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Transpoco blog

Get relevant content, products and services around telematics and more.

Transpoco Protect Plan

New and unique in-vehicle safety solution

Transpoco Protect combines the latest advances in artificial intelligence, camera technology and fleet telematics to help your business mitigate risk and optimise driver safety. 

This is the next generation of in-vehicle technology to protect your drivers from accidents. Our innovative detection system uses camera and accelerometer data to provide advanced early collision warnings and driver status monitoring.

Drive safely and know your fleet is in safe hands with the Transpoco Protect AI Fleet Safety Plan.

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Transpoco Maintain

A complete maintenance software and app suite with calendars, alerts, supplier database and paperless vehicle checks.

Maintain Plan


No installation required,
get started today for free!
Manage up to 10 vehicles
Maintenance Calendar
Walkaround Checks App
Walkaround Software
Supplier Database
Maintenance Alerts System









Transpoco Vision: Dashboard Cameras for Fleets

Benefits of fleet telematics and dashboard cameras

No more guesswork, Transpoco Vision puts the power of a dashcam in your hands with GPS fleet management.
Transpoco's brand new connected dashcam platform helps you sort out what happens in the event of an accident, resolve traffic accident disputes, and coach your drivers to drive better.


Frequently Asked Questions

I'm just collecting information and pricing at the moment, can you help me with this?

Of course! There is lots of information on the website, or please feel free to call us and tell us what you need we can gather everything for you.

Do I get a discount if I have a large number of vehicles?

Our pricing is consistent through the year however, we do have different options to reduce your cost, let's talk!

All I want is... feature, how much is that?

We have designed the packages to fit the needs of most customers, so we should have something to suit you.

Will I end up paying more per litre in terms of fuel cost by sticking with one card?

You can make very small savings by continually switching fuel providers, at the end of the year it comes to a really small amount. There is a much bigger saving available by addressing how you use the fuel and how your vehicles are driven. We think this is a bigger prize and where we should focus our attention.