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What is GPS tracking/vehicle tracking?

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is the technology behind GPS tracking/vehicle tracking. It is a combination of 27 satellites transmitting signals to receivers across the globe. The signals and their interaction are able to provide information about location of any device equipped with a GPS receiver.

As far as fleet management is concerned, GPS tracking allows fleet owners and fleet managers to get quick information about vehicles on a map or in the form of reports.

This information can be later cross-checked with other fleet relevant information (maintenance, fuel consumption, driver behaviour), combining time and location with other data, in order to get real fleet intelligence. Powerful insights helping you in making decisions for your fleet.


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How can I use vehicle tracking to make my fleet more efficient?

GPS technology data is the base of a fleet tracking system like the one integrated in SynX Move and SynX Perform. GPS and location data is processed together with fuel card purchases, maintenance and servicing events and driver behaviour and later converted into different reports.

There is a number of very useful reports you can generate and customise according to your needs, you can choose to track specific locations or areas, journeys, areas of activity on a map or see where your vehicles are in real time, you can create routes or play them again in order to optimise the way you plan journeys. These are just some of the possibilities. For further information see our complete guide to vehicle tracking.






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