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SynX: a vehicle tracking software taking care of all the aspects involved in your business

SynX is a fleet management and gps vehicle tracking software that helps companies to synchronize their fleet of vehicles with their drivers and their corporate targets. Our system allows our clients to massively reduce fuel costs and optimise time through a complete fleet monitoring system.
Here is some of the multiple features provided by SynX! Visit our pricing page for more information on SynX Move and SynX Perform.
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1. Realtime location

Always know where your vehicles are, guaranteeing drivers’ safety and knowing dispatch time:

step-synx-green  30-sec-updates: see your vehicles live with frequent updates
step-synx-yellow  Google Maps Premier: always the latest up to date maps powered by Google
step-synx-blue  Google Streetview: See your vehicle location right down to street level
step-synx-darkblue  Live Traffic Info: warn your drivers of upcoming traffic issues and divert in real time.
step-synx-green  Nearest Vehicle Calculator: pinpoint on the map where your next job is and let us tell you who is the best vehicle to send


Driving History2. Driving history

Enhance your route planning system, while saving fuel, time and improving productivity:

step-synx-green  Full History available: you can go right back to the first day of installation 
step-synx-yellow  Identify Patterns: pull together weeks of data to identify patterns of wasted mileage / fuel
step-synx-blue  Export / Import: all data can be exported in standard format to run further analysis or import into other information systems in your organisation 

Maintenance management

 3. Maintenance management

Set the perfect maintenance schedule for your fleet and reduce cost and tear and wear

step-synx-green   Safely record service type, garage and cost
step-synx-yellow   Get complete information for creating a customised maintenance schedule
step-synx-blue   Have a complete picture of maintenance costs for decision-making

Exhaustive Fuel Data

 4. Complete fuel data

With fuel card integration and consumption data, get complete visibility on consumption and set targets for saving fuel

step-synx-green  Get simultaneously fuel purchase, consumption and target data
step-synx-yellow  Have complete visibility of where and how fuel is spent: no need to wait for a monthly bill just informing on the cost and not on the causes
step-synx-blue  Set fuel consumption targets for individial drivers or as a team and support your team with SynX advice to reach success
step-synx-darkblue  Prevent misuse of fuel and cards
step-synx-green  Reduce emissions and costs


Safety Alerts

 5. Safety alerts

Increase health and safety of drivers by monitoring harsh braking, speeding and acceleration. Train your drivers to be safer and your fuel economy will only improve

step-synx-green  Monitor dangerous driving behaviour: speeding, harsh braking, acceleration
step-synx-yellow  Keep track of idling
step-synx-blue  Raise awareness on how dangerous driving has an impact on fuel consumption
step-synx-darkblue  Have your team driving safely, while reducing costs, emissions, insurance premiums, fines and increasing security and efficiency

Driving Competition Section

 6. Driving competition section

Motivate your drivers by setting up competitions based on consumption targets and safe driving style, creating a safe driving culture in your team

step-synx-green  Ranking drivers: from 4 fuel purchaes onwards we have enough information to rank drivers'performance, driving style and cost of vehicles
step-synx-yellow  Competition: drivers get updates on their performance against their target by SMS or smartphone. 
step-synx-blue  Team and culture elements: creating this form of competition will establish a safe driving culture in which all drivers want to excel in their performance 
step-synx-darkblue  Results: drivers keep playing the game. As a fleet you will get continuous improvement, safer driving and increasing fuel economy, while maintenance and insurance costs drop.