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Green Fleet & Eco-Driving

Reduce your carbon footprint and consume less fuel by monitoring driving style

Are you running a green fleet?


Running a green fleet today is not just a matter of corporate social responsibility, it has become a duty under a number of EU and environment requirement and a way of making the most cost-effective decision for your business.

Energy efficiency and emission targets change quickly. The 2012 EU Energy efficiency directive establishes regulations and measures companies should take to meet emission targets in 2020 and the directive find a correspondant in the ESOS - Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme regulations in the UK and the EAS - Energy Auditing Scheme in Ireland. It is just an example of how we cannot skip thinking about the environmental side of our business.

SynX helps with emissions and reducing your carbon footprint, while keeping track of consumption for recording purposes. Today there is an easy way to lower your global fuel consumption, track how you progress on this and become environment-friendly!

Have a green fleet with SynX!

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What about ecodriving?


Ecodriving, or eco-driving, means using driving styles and techniques that are more fuel efficient and at the same time improve road safety. It is a modern way of decreasing fuel consumption and having a more environmental-friendly driving behaviour.

By monitoring dangerous driving and setting up alerts for speeding, rapid acceleration, harsh braking and idling events you can train your drivers to reduce their impact on carbon footprint. A fuel efficient driving style is also a safe one and will promote best practices like regular maintenance.

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How can a fleet management software like SynX help me running a green fleet?


Here is some of the features integrated in SynX that can help you in decreasing global fuel consumption and reducing emissions:

  • Fuel card integration dashboard - complete visibility on fuel transactions
  • Consumption against target reports for vehicles or fleet as a whole at a glance
  • Driver behaviour alerts and dashboard: find out how your drivers perform and if their driving style is fuel efficient
  • Maintenance manager and vehicle checks section: a well-maintained vehicle consumes less fuel
  • Driver challenge section: start competitions based on fuel consumption targets

If you want to know more or see SynX in action, schedule a free demo of SynX, request a quote or contact us!

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