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Fleet maintenance is sometimes not thoroughly regarded as it is an important source of fleet costs.

This is quite a big mistake as vehicles that are not regularly maintained can compromise safety and compliance as well as result in even more costs for a fleet.

Make fleet maintenance a priority today with the tips of our free video 'How to implement an efficient maintenance program in your fleet'!

This free video will help you in:

tip2building up a successful maintenance system
tip1getting started with maintenance recording and maintenance vendor database
tip2using technology to manage fleet maintenance
tip3learning more about the CVR Act
tip3learning more about vehicle checks and walkaround checks

and much more...

Image - How to implement an efficient maintenance program in your fleet

Fill in the form and get our free video 'How to implement an efficient maintenance program in your fleet' and its slides and start assessing fleet risks today!

The video is a recording of one of our webinars. In the webinar Andrew Fleury (CEO, Transpoco) and Richard Cahill (Fleet Manager at Cork County Council) discussed on maintenance management in driving-for-work activities. In the form of an interview, Richard Cahill answered a few questions on fleet management, maintenance management, covering topics such as the CVR Act, walk-around checks and solutions for the recording and the scheduling of fleet maintenance.

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