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Telematics API and integrations

Automate the connection between SynX and your internal systems

Introducing the SynX API: get full value from your fleet management solution - connect it with your system


Companies that rely on driving and use fleet management solutions have to use a multitude of systems in order to carry out their daily tasks.

Using different pieces of software might mean for them wasting time duplicating information, which could potentially lead to mistakes and losses, or providing just partial information, without a good context.

Today you can enjoy the benefits of the telematics API and integrations with the SynX API: connect SynX to your internal systems and automate that process safely.

SynX offers you tailor-made solutions for your business. The data collected from the vehicle and processed into our fleet management solution will be automatically integrated into your internal software or even in your website.


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Here is how the SynX API has been successfully integrated:


CRM software

  • With one of our customers, we have worked at an integration of SynX data into their inhouse CRM software. Every time a vehicle enters or exits a location, an event is logged into the CRM. This is particularly useful for logistics operators, delivery companies but not only.

Billing system

  • One of our customers needed to have vehicle data sent automatically to the billing system. With the SynX API we found a solution matching his needs. This customer is a company displaying ads on vehicles and charges different prices for vehicles travelling at a different speed.

Software for transport operators

  • Hiring companies and transport operators need to rely on software systems for their daily operations. Such systems allow them to allocate vehicles and schedule resources.
  • In order to perform their job correctly, those working with these systems always need to get the exact location of the vehicle at any time.
  • With the SynX API, there is no need to do this manually. You can see the the exact location of your vehicle directly in your software manager. As an example, we have worked on this successfully with Coach Manager.

Website integration

  • The GPS coordinates of the vehicles taken from SynX are displayed to the public in the website of one of our customers. Think about the number of possibilities (apps for calculating arrival time of buses, taxis etc.).

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