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Walkaround Checks and Compliance

Save time, run a safe and responsible fleet, record vehicle checks in our walkaround checks module

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Regular Maintenance, Walkaround Checks and Compliance

If you are in charge of a fleet of vehicles, you know just how important it is to keep them roadworthy and safe and to carry out regular maintenance and vehicle checks.

Controlling fleet costs and guaranteeing the business is running in the respect of legal requirements and under the safest conditions is one of the daily challenges you can easily overcome with SynX!

With our complete maintenance section you can record servicing milestones, set up reminders and keep track on your maintenance costs. But today you can also start running paperless walkaround checks, in a user-friendly way, saving time and money.

Our Walkaround Checks App

With our Walkaround Checks App you can let drivers do their walkaround checks using their mobile phone, making the process efficient and eliminating mistakes.

  • 100% compliant
  • no more spreadsheets or paper checklists
  • save time and money
  • recorded in the Walkaround Dashboard
  • increased visibility and efficiency

Database Safe recordkeeping

If you have spent a lot of time struggling with paperwork or tedious logbooks, now there is a solution to that! Checks are done by means of the app and recorded in the dashboard, available 24x7 from any browser.

Maintenance Fleet maintenance

Having proper walkaround checks done is the perfect base for setting up an efficient maintenance system in your fleet. Fleet safety and regular maintenance go hand in hand: a well-maintained vehicle is also a safe one!

Legal Legally compliant

Companies are required to have a system in place for recording and reporting vehicle checks and demonstrate they are doing anything possible for guarenteeing safety at work: our walkaround software is the answer.

Database Save time

If you are completing the walkaround checks process with spreadsheets and paper checklists you are well aware of the time you can save with an automated process. Check out our software and save time - and money!

Checklist Vehicle checks

Use our default checklists (HSA/RSA standard walkaround checklists) or let us know if you prefer to have customised ones: we can implement company-specific checks and provide you with a personalised tool.

Phone Walkaround app

The checks are done by means of the app and are instantly recorded in the walkaround checks dashboard, replacing a paper logbook. You will have all the vehicle checks at your fingertips - a more complete picture of your fleet.

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Walkaround Checks Dashboard

All the vehicle checks carried out through the app are safely recorded in our walkaround checks dashboard.

The system is accessible from any browser.


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