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Transpoco moves headquarters to DCU Alpha and joins local IoT companies community

Posted by Eleonora Malacarne07 September 2017 09:00:00 BST

Transpoco moves headquarters to DCU Alpha and joins local IoT companies community.jpg

Transpoco is currently vacating the Swords office location in the Feltrim area and relocating to the DCU Alpha Innovation Campus in order to join the local companies and startups community that are particularly active in IoT (Internet of Things) technology.

Co-located with Dublin City University, DCU Alpha is a commercial innovation campus that promotes the growth of research-intensive businesses that are creating the technologies and services of tomorrow. The campus has played a pivotal role in scientific research and innovation in Ireland, serving as a headquarters for Enterprise Ireland, the NSAI and the SEAI over its 70 year history.

Repurposed by DCU and reopened in early 2014, DCU Alpha has quickly attracted a community of like-minded innovative companies that are spearheading Ireland’s next phase of technological development in key sectors such as IoT, clean energy and connected health.

Transpoco moves headquarters to DCU Alpha and joins local IoT companies community (2).jpg

A hub for future-focused businesses intent on innovation, reaching scale, leveraging DCU’s research and recruiting graduate talent, DCU Alpha is a business environment that is designed to facilitate networking and stimulate visionary thinking. Here, chance encounters and random conversations have the potential to spark invention or accelerate time-to-market.

Ronan Furlong, Executive Director at DCU Alpha, has welcomed Transpoco and has stated that the arrival of the company can only strengthen the collaboration of the IoT community within the campus and encourage further development: “DCU Alpha is very excited about the arrival of Transpoco into our emerging Internet of Things cluster. We already have a range of companies developing IoT technologies for connected health, smart homes, automated factories etc, and Transpoco will extend that reach into the realm of telematics and connected vehicles. As well as introducing Transpoco to other IoT companies here in DCU Alpha, we look forward to helping them engage and collaborate with key DCU data analytics/IoT experts and getting the company involved in some of the autonomous vehicle research initiatives that are taking place in the University.”


Photo Credits: © DCU Alpha


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