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Kingsmaid Domestic Cleaning: €24,660 annual global savings with SynX by Transpoco

Kingsmaid Domestic Cleaning is a cleaning company active in the Manchester and Birmingham areas offering a wide range of cleaning services. They run a fleet of city cars and cleaners drive to the place where they should provide the service.

The company is growing fast and wants to optimise their performance and profitability. Kingsmaid was in fact looking for a solution to save money on fleet costs, while at the same time providing a great service to their customers and ensuring safety for their cleaners, as they use vehicles to reach customer properties, but are not professional drivers.

With SynX, Kingsmaid can now generate significant savings while maintaining high safety standards and satisfying customers.

Want to find out more on how Kingsmaid could reduce their fleet costs with SynX? Get the complete Case Study in PDF format or read about Kingsmaid in our blog.

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Prompto Despatch Ltd moves from good to great delivery performance with SynX by Transpoco

Prompto Despatch Ltd, a transport company based in Cork, was looking for a technological solution in order to improve the performance of the fleet.

Their aim was to offer a better service to their customers in terms of delivery times, while at the same time being aware if vehicles were mistreated or generated excessive costs.

Since getting SynX, they have improved their global operations, got back the control of their delivery performance and found ways to cut on their fleet costs, especially fuel and maintenance.

Want to find out more on how Prompto could improve their delivery performance and save money with SynX? Get the complete Case Study in PDF format or read about Prompto in our blog.


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