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The knowledge powered by SynX is also available with OBD tracking devices

SynX by Transpoco is available combined with a hardwired tracker or, for fleets in need of more flexibility, with an OBD Tracking device.

Our solution is a self-installed fleet tracking device that can literally be fitted within a matter of seconds. The SynX OBD tracker connects quickly and easily to the OBD II diagnostic port of the vehicle and starts collecting telematics data you will view in the software in the form of reports.

This solution is ideal where a hardwired tracking solution may not be suitable or for companies where the frequency of installation or deinstallation would be too expensive and time consuming. An example would be companies that operate short term rental vehicles, vehicle rental and leasing businesses, companies employing and monitoring subcontractors that want to have full visibility on fleet operations.

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  • tip1Super-easy installation
  • tip2No engineer needed to install, save money




  • tip1Portable, compact, small
  • tip2Plug-N-Play
  • tip1Visibility with flexibility
  • tip2Compatible with most vehicles

Product Features and Specifics

  • Small size, L 62,3 x W 52 x H 28 mm
  • Low power consumption
  • Internal power supply available for FM-Plug 4+
  • Real time process monitoring
  • OBD2 Fault code reading
  • Easy installation

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Locate OBD2 socket in your vehicle.
Insert FM-Plug 4/FM-Plug 4+ device into OBD2 socket as showed in the picture.
There is only one way to plug the device, be careful not to damage the pins.







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