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Fleet management resources: our top 4 downloads for 2015

31 December 2015 09:00:00 GMT | Fleet Management Fleet management resources: our top 4 downloads for 2015

We developed a set of fleet management resources that will enable you to manage a safer, greener, more responsible and efficient fleet.

The objective of SynX and Transpoco is to make managing a fleet, whatever the size, so much simpler. For this reason we have worked hard to create a system that can optimise any type of fleet and streamline the operation of a group of vehicles upon which a business depends.

Safety, fuel management, maintenance and the best practices for running vehicles feature prominently in our blog topics; we are constantly trying to develop a set of resources that will enable you to manage a safer, greener, more responsible and efficient fleet. 

If you are unsure which are the more successful resources of this year, have a look at this list to see how our material could change your life as a fleet manager for the better!




#1 - Fleet Maintenance Guide

Maintenance is often disregarded or only really scrutinised when something happens; but how much easier will your life be if a) you set up an effective maintenance system, b) you have a preventive maintenance in place and c) you sensitise your staff to the importance of such a program? Our online Guide covers the soundest maintenance practices; so if you have not downloaded it yet … now’s the time!


#2 - Driver’s Declaration Form

It is not at all easy to keep track of all your staff’s info and to always guarantee that you are compliant with all the statutory regulations. For some time now, the paper counterpart of the driving licence is no longer available and it has become harder for fleet managers to comprehensively check drivers’ information before hiring or even after recruitment; since they are likely to drive outside of work, the status of their licence and certification could become compromised without your knowledge. Our form can easily clarify matters—did you get the chance to have a look at it?

#3 - Daily Walkaround Checklist

Safety and compliance: it is a duty of all companies to guarantee safety for the staff; and if they rely on driving for their activity, they must prioritise and practice safety (remember, they are responsible for other road users as well). Maintained vehicles are safe vehicles, so have a look at our daily walkaround checklist for conducting pre-travel checks—you can either print it out or use it as a starting point for creating your own!


#4 - Vehicle Use and Fleet Management Policy Sample

Implementing a fleet policy could help a lot in developing a sensible, well-trained team with a sound set of responsibilities as well as preventing certain issues from escalating. If you need to set up a fleet policy you can use the one we propose and simply customise it to your needs!



Fleet Maintenance Guide - download it now

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