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From pen and paper to Fleet Management Software

12 October 2015 09:00:00 BST | Fleet Management From pen and paper to Fleet Management Software

Some of the scepticism regarding fleet management software usually comes from people who are not frequent computer users or less tech-savvy.

Some of the scepticism regarding telematics, GPS tracking or fleet management solutions usually comes from people who are not frequent computer users, are less tech-savvy and still, therefore, despite the times, more in favour of the “pen and paper” approach.

But this resistance—whether users and non-users like it or not—is unlikely to last long. Users who approach this kind of technology for the first time will no doubt be surprised at the shear potential and the degree of help it gives, plus the time and resources it saves. The old manual methods of gathering information are prone to issues ranging from illegible handwriting, to chaotic or lost notes.

That’s why many companies are looking to make the transition from pen and paper to having everything tracked and accessible from a number of devices including mobile applications. Having a web-enabled software, or application, in fact benefits the business overall as well as optimises some specific tasks. Here are some of the advantages provided:
• the system provides more reliable, accurate and complete data
• instant access of the data whether out in the field or at the office
• better accountability and compliance with regulations
If you are looking for good fleet management software to optimise the management of your organization, you might want to make sure that software is:
• easy to use
• flexible
• easily accessible
This way, getting your staff to adjust to a new way of doing things (especially if they aren’t particularly tech-savvy) shouldn’t be such a challenge. But with ease of use there are less teething problems and you should see big results fairly quickly. By shifting from pen and paper to technology a business can analyse real data which might not have been previously available, producing instant benefits:
• driving information as well as mileage and fuel data will be more accurate and updated in real time, allowing space for setting up proper maintenance
• issues will be found immediately
• safety concerns will not be overlooked
• tasks will be completed quickly and with the bare minimum of tedious paperwork
And much more… just let us know if you want to get on board, with SynX, and see the benefits with your own eyes!
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Eleonora Malacarne

Written By: Eleonora Malacarne

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