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How to make walkaround checks easy: introducing our SynX Perform app

12 February 2016 09:00:00 GMT | GPS & Tracking How to make walkaround checks easy: introducing our SynX Perform app

How to make walkaround checks easy? Simple, with the new option available in the SynX Perform Driver app!




Our SynX Perform Driver app has now a new feature for simplifying the process of vehicle checks, allowing fleets to save time and eliminate paperwork while maintaining safety standards and legal compliance.

Drivers will be able to carry out walkaround checks on vehicles by means of their mobile devices with the new Perform app more easily, which will help to eliminate errors and make the process more efficient.

Once inspections are done, checks will be recorded in the maintenance interface of our solution SynX Perform, eliminating the paperwork associated with checks and maintenance, and allowing a fleet manager or anyone responsible for running a fleet to keep control of maintenance by accessing the records at any time, from any browser.

How to make walkaround checks easy app

Walkaround checks are one of the first, basic steps that help keep vehicles roadworthy and compliant with current legislation. A well-maintained vehicle is also a safe vehicle, and it is a legal requirement to have a system in place for carrying out routine safety checks. Companies who operate vehicles and whose business typically depends on driving are legally required to have a routine maintenance program as well as a schedule to perform regular checks and a system in place for reporting/recording maintenance and defects.


Guidelines such as the checklists we propose in our resources section are a good starting point, but the app is definitely going to make drivers and fleet managers’ life easier, as we shall explain: if you have been going through the whole process with pen and paper before, or used one of these checklists, we are sure you will quickly come to appreciate the benefits of the interaction between the app and the software. And if you still do not have a system in place, with SynX Perform and the app, you have a very good opportunity to set one up in a very easy and user-friendly way.

How to make walkaround checks easy

SynX Perform is our fleet management solution that integrates fuel card data with safety, maintenance and driver behaviour. The system is available 24/7 on any device and browser and is enhanced by the help of our driver app, which does not only include the vehicle checking option, but also offers updates on any driver challenge you as a fleet manager might want to set up: driver challenges are an excellent training and rewarding tool for raising awareness of how important safe driving is, while also underscoring how this impacts on global efficiency and costs.


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