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Telematics systems: a “self-help” cutting cost tactic for fleets

14 September 2015 09:00:00 BST | Fleet Costs Telematics systems: a “self-help” cutting cost tactic for fleets

Fleets can start cutting costs with a series of actions: fitting speed limiters, investigating alternative fuels or introducing telematics systems.

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Improved MPG statistics year-on-year is especially welcomed by companies who run fleets; this is thanks to the constantly improving technology—manufacturers compete fiercely to create vehicles that are ever more efficient.
But according to a recent article published in Commercial Fleet, there is a “self-help” approach that fleets can take in order to cut on their fleet costs, and it includes a series of actions such as fitting speed limiters, investigating alternative fuels (hydrogen, for example), rightsizing vehicles… or, last but by no means least, reducing global costs by means of telematics systems.
With the growing need for cutting costs and lowering emissions, fleet telematics systems are starting to be considered not so much as a “nice have” but more of a “must have” for any company that owns a fleet. There are, in fact, a number of useful operations that can be made possible, or at least easier, with the aid of this technology:
- keeping track of fuel consumption
- having complete visibility on fuel purchases
- retrieving information as to the driving conduct of staff: solid data on driving events that aren’t safe and/or lead to higher consumption can be analysed by companies in order to correct poor driving techniques
- better organised route planning
- being aware of unnecessary idling events and taking measures to correct this attitude
- getting vehicle diagnostics reports and improving maintenance schedules
- helping in the implementation of Health and Safety guidelines
…to mention but a few.
Many companies are already choosing to invest in this technology, as the initial outlay is quickly redeemed through increased operational efficiency... thereafter, everything saved is a bonus!
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