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Sustainable fleet management: have a green fleet!

10 August 2015 09:00:00 BST | Fleet Management Sustainable fleet management: have a green fleet!

This post deals with useful sustainable fleet management tips: everything you need to know in order to save fuel and have a green fleet.

Some of the measures aimed at reducing the impact of vehicles throughout the world include the introduction of “Car-Free days” like World Car Free Day (September 22) and individual initiatives throughout Europe such as Car-Free Sundays in London or Paris; the next Car-Free day in Paris is planned for 27th September, in anticipation of the international climate conference organised in Paris, November 30th.
Adopting green practices and reducing emissions should be a consideration for all companies that are dependent on driving, but you might feel that this kind of pressure is unreasonable and anti-business because driving necessarily implies the use of fuel, of course. But companies who operate a fleet of vehicles are beginning to make “having a green fleet” a priority, as well as placing a greater onus on reducing emissions; they are switching on to their environmental and social responsibilities.
But if the task of driving itself implies fuel consumption and the production of CO² emissions, what can fleets do in order to become greener? How can companies switch to sustainable fleet management?
1 - Choosing suitable vehicles: if you operate vehicles that are most suited to the scope of the routes you deal with, you can reduce your fuel consumption and the emissions.
2 - Ensure regular maintenance: if your vehicles are correctly serviced and tyres properly checked and adjusted, you will not waste fuel.
3 - Adopt a safe driving style: if you drive safely and avoid aggressive driving patterns such as speeding, harsh braking or sharp acceleration, you will, once again, save on fuel.
4 - Prepare your routes: avoid detours by planning out routes in advance—this is another element that can impact on your fuel economy.
Operating a green fleet will allow you to reduce your costs and run roadworthy vehicles. Our fleet management solution offers invaluable support in achieving these aims, giving you the opportunity to optimise every element of your business and kick-starting the evolution of your fleet.
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