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Steel company fined after driver is killed in a loading operation

Posted by Eleonora Malacarne on 17 February 2021 09:00:00 GMT

The company PCR Steel has been fined this February after a driver was fatally injured by steelwork, which fell from a telehandler forklift truck during loading.

The incident dates back to April 2019. The driver was performing an unplanned lifting operation, loading a metal balcony base frame onto a flatbed trailer, when the incident occurred. The load was not secured and the balcony frame weighing approximately 400kg fell and crushed the 47-year-old man, who had been standing on the back of the trailer bed.

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Vehicles in the workplace are the biggest killer in Ireland

Posted by Eleonora Malacarne on 03 October 2019 08:02:00 BST

According to figures recently released by the Health and Safety Authority of Ireland (HSA), vehicles are the leading cause of death in Irish workplaces.

The source of the aforementioned figures is the Authority’s 2018 Annual Report, showing that there were 39 work-related fatalities reported to the HSA in 2018, compared to 48 in 2017, a decline of 19%. But the single biggest danger last year came from vehicles in the workplace, with 17 lives lost across all industries last year.

The farming sector suffered 15 work-related deaths in 2018, compared to 25 in 2017, a decline of 40%, while construction had five work-related deaths.

Minister of State for Trade, Employment, Business, EU Digital Single Market and Data Protection, Pat Breen TD, said workplace deaths cause great trauma and personal suffering for families every year. While welcoming the decline in workplace fatalities, he said: “We should remember that any improvement in numbers provides little comfort to the family, friends and colleagues of the dozens of Irish people whose lives were cut short this year while doing their job.”

Dr Sharon McGuinness, Chief Executive Officer of the HSA, said that the fatality statistics show how vehicles are now the biggest threat to life in the Irish workplace. “Whether it’s a farmer driving a tractor in a yard, or a truck driver delivering a load, across all sectors, incidents involving vehicles accounted for almost half - or 44% - of all deaths last year. The worrying trend is continuing with six deaths provisionally recorded so far this year in the transportation sector” she said.

Tractors were involved in the majority of workplace vehicle incidents last year and claimed six lives but cars, refuse trucks and forklifts were also involved in fatalities.

Expressing concern at the devastation caused by work tragedies on bereaved families, Dr McGuinness urged everyone to be aware of the risks posed by moving vehicles in all workplaces. A change in mindset is required to reduce the numbers of workers dying or suffering serious injury as a result of workplace vehicles: complacency is costing lives.

“Drivers at work often forget about the same hazards that they look out for when driving on the road, like properly maintaining their vehicles, and paying attention to pedestrians when reversing. These checks could help prevent a fatal catastrophe to themselves or a work colleague,” Dr McGuinness concluded.

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Health and safety incident at work: employee falls off lorry, company fined

Posted by Eleonora Malacarne on 26 September 2019 09:03:00 BST

Steel water storage tank manufacturer Braithwaite Engineers was recently fined after one of its employees sustained serious injuries after a significant fall while working at their site the town of Risca, located in South East Wales. 

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International Worker’s Memorial Day 2019: safety in the workplace and on the road

Posted by Eleonora Malacarne on 30 April 2019 09:06:00 BST

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Use of electronic devices behind the wheel: ruling distracted driving at work

Posted by Eleonora Malacarne on 29 August 2017 09:00:00 BST

Distracted driving and, more specifically, the use of electronic devices behind the wheel (not only smartphones used for phone calls, but also portable devices such as tablets to check news or social media) have become increasingly scrutinised with the new flood of technology. However, while this highly unsafe behaviour has been condemned, stats and number speak a different language: distracted driving is a dangerous activity; it is widespread and still needs to be addressed.

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