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5 key tactics for efficient fleet management

03 August 2015 09:00:00 BST | Fleet Management 5 key tactics for efficient fleet management

How can you possibly maximise fleet management efficiency if you have to keep on top of so many responsibilities, and keep within the budget?

Getting a cutting edge performance out of a fleet is anything but easy. Time constraints, costs, the ability of senior and fleet management to multitask, fluctuating trends in costs and workforce availability are all factors, to mention but a few, that can influence the output of your fleet.
How can you possibly maximise fleet management efficiency if you have to keep on top of so many responsibilities, and keep within the budget?
Here are some key tactics that will help you optimise the management of your fleet assets—have a look!
1 - Gain control of your fleet
Attain complete control of vehicles and data, as well as of route and job planning, maintenance scheduling, drivers’ and fleet documentation, and vehicle testing. With an appropriate fleet management tool you will have all this information at your fingertips.
2 - Manage fuel consumption and, therefore, emissions
If you have updated data on your fleet’s fuel consumption you will definitely learn more about how to have a greener fleet as well as reducing costs and determining the primary causes affecting your fleet’s fuel economy; this is very useful for making the appropriate decisions and ultimately saving costs and minimising emissions.
3 - Have an experienced and versatile fleet manager
We often describe the numerous duties of fleet managers, so one of the ideal characteristics a person, responsible for managing a fleet, should have is the ability to multitask. Fleet managers need not only to be experienced, but also excellent communicators, results-oriented and use to managing staff teams. Such a fleet manager would be an asset to your company.
4 - Innovations are welcome
You should never fear thinking outside the box or exploring new solutions. Implementing fleet management software is often viewed with scepticism, but if this can make your life easier and give you a complete picture of your fleet, why not? With such a system you don’t necessarily need to be tied to a long contract—check it out! And innovations can incentivise your team, not only by introducing new technologies but also training programmes, redesigns, developments and so on.
5 - Know the rules of the game
It is one of the unavoidable steps to progress: if you respect the legislation and comply with the norms you will develop your business safely and avoid any unpleasant sanctions.
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