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Every sector and industry can enjoy the benefits of fleet telematics technology

Huge savings, enhanced safety, organised maintenance, 24/7 location and protection of your assets: learn how SynX can help your industry by streamlining your fleet! Have a look at how SynX can help companies of your sector organising fleet operations while saving money and maintaining safety and compliance.

You cannot find your sector? Request a free demo of SynX: one of our experts will contact you and show you how our software will benefit your business.

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What can SynX do for you?

Potentially every sector or industry that relies on driving can enjoy the benefits of fleet telematics technology: check out what SynX can do for your industry, if you do not find your sector on the list contact us or request a free demo of the system. We will show you how to get instant savings and efficiency!

Public Services

Public sector

The constraints of an annual budget are no longer an issue with SynX: start keeping vehicles and staff safe and control big and mixed fleets through our technology! Read More...


Aviation and ground services

Airport and ground services operations develop around the clock. The current situation of the sector urges airlines to lower prices and compete with tight margins. SynX helps you save money on fuel and fleet costs and organise your operations with efficiency. Read More...



Expensive vehicles and assets that need to be protected, tight budgets established project-by-project, safety has to be top priority: these are the challenges of construction companies that find solution in SynX! Read More...



Make sure you always know where your vehicles are in any working season, optimise their utilisation and plan for your shuttle services with our fleet telematics solution, SynX.

Cleaning Company

Cleaning companies

If driving is an incidental part of the job for your staff and you need to ensure everyone operates safely, choose SynX for your fleet!


Delivery and distribution

Save money on fleet costs, save time in administrative tasks, provide customers with precise delivery times and have a safe driving team with SynX.


Buses and public transport

Monitor driving styles for safety and compliance purposes, lower fuel consumption and maintenance costs and inform your passengers of where your buses are with SynX!


Rental companies

Track your rental vehicles and protect them. Use technology to inform customers and potential ones of vehicle position or availability with SynX.


Utilities contractor

Bill projects accurately while guaranteeing safety and streamlined operations thanks to our technology.



Working in security needs extra precautions to protect vehicles and staff. Use SynX to locate vehicles, prevent theft and detect unusual activities that might reveal your team is in danger.


Company cars

Make sure you run a compliant and safe fleet. With SynX you can monitor driving, provide a safe working environment for your team and forget about paper and manual logbooks.