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Use the power of telematics and customised vehicle tracking
to grow as a service provider

Contractors, service providers, installers and technicians all depend on vehicles to work on their daily tasks. Drivers and crews travel between job sites and need to be reliable and efficient, whatever business you are providing services for.

With SynX you can make sure your team is productive in completing jobs and quickly responds to urgent requests. Learn how telematics can help you win your daily challenges as a service provider!



What are the challenges of
service providers?

  • tip1 Service providers have to manage external teams driving to job sites.
  • tip2Service providers need to monitor their crew and technicians team at any time.
  • tip1 Crews drive to job sites but driving is an incidental part of their job as they are not professional drivers.
  • tip2Although technicians and crew drivers drive to reach job sites, they might not know how driving impacts on fuel consumption.
  • tip2Having a responsive and reliable customer service is paramount to ensure customer satisfaction and run a successful company.
  • tip2Given the wide services offer companies can access today, service providers need to be competitive at all times.


SynX helps you
overcoming those challenges

  • tip1SynX helps you manage crew time, measure time spent on sites and organise daily activities.
  • tip2SynX allows companies to have complete visibility on their vehicles and activity.
  • tip2SynX monitors driver behaviour and helps you run a safe fleet while saving on fuel expense.
  • tip2With SynX and the driving style monitoring features, you can get help in training drivers on safe driving and eco-driving to decrease your global fuel consumption.
  • tip2SynX helps you giving quick responses on crew arrival times and location and organising the work of your technicians.
  • tip2With SynX, you can provide great prices and save on your fleet operating costs.
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item 1  Enjoy the 24/7 availability of a complete fleet management solution allowing 20-25% savings on fuel, maintenance, wear and tear costs

item 1  Protect assets from theft and enhance safety with driver behaviour

item 1  Run a compliant and green fleet

item 1  Locate vehicles at any time and keep track of the activity if your staff and fleet




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delivery on time

locate your team at any time1. Locate your team at any time

item 1 See where your fleet vehicles are and locate your team at any time.

item 1 Provide excellent customer service: give accurate arrival time estimates and quick responses.

item 1  Send closest technician to a job site and help drivers get to their final destination.

item 1  Use data to establish realistic, appropriate job scheduling.



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no more headaches doing logbooks2. Detailed reports on drivers' activity

item 1   Full suite of reports to measure working time, time spent on sites and assignments done for better planning.

item 1   A great help in keeping track of the work of your external resources.

item 1  Avoid all the typical mistakes of manual data logging.

step-synx-darkblue  A completely customisable system reporting on your driving team.

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real time fleet visibility



Full suite of reports to reach safety, compliance and savings

Fuel Integration3. Run a safe and efficient team of drivers

item 1  Use safety insights as a powerful tool for fleet risk assessment.

item 1  Keep tabs on the driving style of your sales fleet to protect team and assets and reduce insurance claims.

item 1 With the help of alerts and fuel management tools, train drivers on ecodriving and on the best practices to get huge fuel savings.

item 1  Create precise and efficient compliance processes with SynX.

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