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Telematics for your sales fleet

Boost the productivity of your mobile sales team with SynX: get detailed reports and reduce admin work

What can telematics do if you are running a sales fleet?

If you are running a sales team fleet, you know it's all about maximising the time spend on selling and reducing the time spent on administration tasks.

Telematics can make your sales team more productive, eliminate aggressive driving patterns and speed up administration procedures.



What are the challenges of logistics and delivery fleets?

  • Managers of sales fleets struggle with their expense administration.
  • Sales teams constantly need to find new business opportunities.
  • The work of sales fleet needs to be organised optimising time dedicated to the selling activity.
  • The time of a sales fleet spent on the road leads to a high fuel spend.
  • Companies running sales fleet are responsible for their safety and the compliance of their vehicles.
  • Sales fleets log their working time manually, which might easily lead to error or inaccuracy.


SynX helps you overcoming those challenges

  • SynX helps you manage the sales team expenses in potentially no time.
  • SynX discloses to your sales team unexplored areas for new opportunities.
  • With SynX, you can maximise time dedicated to the selling activity and spend less time on lower value tasks.
  • SynX monitor driver behaviour and reveals inefficient driving and fuel saving opportunities.
  • With SynX, safety and compliance are at your fingertips and never overlooked.
  • SynX helps the log of working time avoiding manual mistakes, automating the process.


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  • Enjoy the 24/7 availability of a complete fleet management solution allowing 20-25% savings on fuel, maintenance, wear and tear costs
  • Protect assets from theft and enhance safety with driver behaviour
  • Run a compliant and green fleet
  • Locate vehicles at any time and keep track of the activity if your staff and fleet

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  • Keep tabs on the activity of your sales team with SynX.
  • Get insights on areas explored by your team and those which still haven't been travelled to for your sales activity.
  • Prevent vehicle misuse and run a better organised sales activity.
  • Increase selling time and decrease administration time for your sales team.




  • Get expenses done for your sales team in potentially no time.
  • Keep track of all the taxable mileage.
  • Avoid mistakes and inaccurate logging typical of manual work that could lead to expensive sanctions.
  • Get a reliable summary of the sales activity of your fleet.




  • Use safety insights as a powerful tool for fleet risk assessment.
  • Keep tabs on the driving style of your sales fleet to protect team and assets and reduce insurance claims.
  • Automate sales fleet compliance with our app and software tools.
  • Create precise and efficient compliance processes with SynX.