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Construction industry and telematics: what are the benefits of this technology?

Construction projects are increasingly operating to extremely thin margins. Any technological help to keep the project profitable should be more than welcome.

With SynX, you can protect vehicles, drivers and optimise operations - if you want to know how, call us today.



What are the challenges of
construction sector fleets?

  • tip1 Construction sector fleets are usually made of mixed, extremely expensive equipment.
  • tip2Construction sector budgets tend to be extremely tight and margins increasingly low.
  • tip2Construction sector tight budgets force managers to cut on costs or expenses that are sometimes necessary.
  • tip2Construction is one of the sectors with the highest safety risks for employees.
  • tip2Constructions companies need to control which machines are operating and if they are in the right area.
  • tip2Corporate, social, environmental responsibility, as in all industries, has to meet expectations.
  • tip2Construction companies need to control all assets, vehicles power and driver often drive different vehicles.


SynX helps you
overcoming those challenges

  • tip1SynX keeps you an assets inventory, able to locate them at any time, preventing theft.
  • tip2SynX makes you save money and time securing your margins - even increasing them!
  • tip2SynX helps you saving money on fuel, maintenance, wear and tear without overlooking safety and compliance
  • tip2SynX helps you monitor risks, working hours, logbooks and keeping staff and general public safe.
  • tip2With SynX you can have a look at vehicles'activity at any time, from any device and place.
  • tip2With SynX you can run a responsible, safe, greener, 100% compliant fleet.
  • tip2Add-ons for driver identification, equipment activity and asset tracking are available with SynX.
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item 1  Enjoy the 24/7 availability of a complete fleet management solution allowing 20-25% savings on fuel, maintenance, wear and tear costs

item 1  Protect assets from theft and enhance safety with driver behaviour

item 1  Run a compliant and green fleet

item 1  Locate vehicles at any time and keep track of the activity if your staff and fleet




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Driver performance and behaviour

Fuel Integration1. Get fleet performance metrics that help you optimise your resources

item 1   All the costs of your construction fleet under control: check all the metrics and the reports to start cutting costs and optimising resources.

item 1   Dangerous driving and idling alerts: check the driving style of your staff and make them switch to eco-driving. Boost safety decreasing insurance premiums, fuel consumption and your carbon footprint.

item 1  Maintenance section and walkaround checks to help you optimising schedules, being compliant, keeping logbooks: all saving time and money.

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Fuel Integration2. All your assets under control, 24/7, from any device

item 1   See where your vehicles are at any time on Google Maps or Streetview.

item 1   Customise locations and restrict vehicle access area with geofencing.

item 1  Track connected devices with PTO feature - available as add-on.

step-synx-darkblue  Monitor drivers with Driver ID add-on and mobile assets with asset tracking in order to further optimise fleet operations.

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